Ready for a diagnosis


By Vicki Scott

One of our senior volunteers at George Wallace Senior Center recently shared her complications with thyroid issues. The next day, another volunteer discussed issues with diabetes. Growing old ain’t for sissies, as I have heard one say.

I have not been to a regular doctor since my husband Alan lost his job, along with the insurance that was included. He now claims he is unemployed, but I think he is retired. He has worked hard, and I’m okay with his unemployment being a retirement. The problem is in his eyes. I told him I would retire when he does. I do not think he wants me to retire.

There have had some issues that I’ve been concerned about. Our new insurance company e-mailed me earlier this week with an offer of a free medical visit. Until this e-mail, God, Google, co-workers and our senior volunteers have been a source of comfort. Alan tells me to go to the doctor, but I wrestle with not wanting to seem weak and wasting the doctor’s time to it being something serious, which I would not want to know about unless it is easily treatable. One of my father’s doctors told us that we are all living a death sentence. It was quite ironic that around that time, the song “Live Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw hit the charts.

Thyroid issues bring back memories of my father before he found out about his thyroid malfunctions. Symptoms included a short temper, high blood pressure, sudden weight gain, tiredness, leg cramps and other things, all of which I have experienced lately. My dad understood his thyroid issues were hereditary and had my two brothers and I tested for it when we were younger. With COVID-19, all these symptoms could be the due the stress of the coronavirus. The leg cramps have gotten my attention.

Some of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes include thirst and using the bathroom excessively. I drink a lot of water anyway, and what goes in much eventually come out, right? Our center volunteer found out she had it through a blood test. My favorite uncle had type 2 diabetes. When he found out, he lost a lot of weight. His wife made sure of that. I love to eat, and sweets are the best and most evil. I pray there is no diabetes, but I guess I’m at the age when I need to find out if I have it.

I praise God the e-mail from the insurance company arrived when it did. Feeling like a hypochondriac while all these symptoms and conditions were being discussed, I jumped at the chance for this free medical exam. I just pray that I do not chicken out. God has blessed me, but I have not really taken very good care of myself, and it shows. No more excuses. Action is needed. Along with the victims of COVID-19, please pray that I do not chicken out. Our God is powerful enough for all of it.

Stay safe, y’all!

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