Rockin’ it with the Holy Spirit


By Vicki Scott

When my husband Alan and I first moved to Glencoe, I often visited churches while Alan worked. It was not that Cove Creek Baptist, which was the church that we eventually joined, was bad; I just like to research and figure out what each church’s “Big Thing” is. Smaller churches tend to be my favorite because of the family atmosphere. Everyone is different. Some folks like to hear the message and go home. I need more fellowship than that. Other folks might attend a different church but are still part of the body of Christ. My sisters in Christ, the Cove Creek ladies’ group, have been used by God to carry me through situations they do not even know about. 

My mother passed away earlier this year, and since then I cannot stop thinking about her and my father. One of our church members lost his mother and father within a week of each other due to COVID-19. It is humbling, and I could not look at him without crying. I asked his wife to give him my condolences. She is from the lady’s prayer group and I am comfortable talking to her.  She is a sister in Christ and understands. We are family.

A young lady asked me about churches in Rainbow City. Alan and I visited around Rainbow City because we lived at the Spring Lake Lodge Apartments before we found our home in Glencoe. We moved to Glencoe because of Cove Creek. It reminded me of a story, which I shared with her.

This past Christmas, my son Joseph bought me a necklace with a moonrock stone. It is supposed to calm me down and make me feel at peace. Joseph and his wife were so excited; I think they were hoping for a new and improved mother. I do not notice any difference, however.

Joseph asked the store clerk what he should he buy, to which the store clerk replied, “Let the rock choose you.” The clerk described how Joseph would feel the rock pulling him to it.

Joseph told the clerk that the necklace was for his mother, and the clerk immediately responded with, “most women love moonrocks.”

After telling us the story, Joseph grinned a little and shared that he wanted to return to the store because he felt one of the rocks pulling him. I laughed at him. Joseph is so funny, and I never know when he is serious (he once told me that he is never serious).

When I finished telling this story to the young lady, I made an analogy – let the church choose you. Let the Holy Spirit pull you to the Rock. Alan and I have only been members of two churches in our 34-year marriage. Our first visit to each one was by invitation. Those invitations were a big thing to our situation. The Holy Spirit took it from there and pulled us in.

I praise God for that sweet Holy Spirit and being around people full of it. God knows we needed them. I pray that our churches remain open and that sweet Holy Spirit pulls everyone safely back into that much-needed family fellowship. I miss a lot of people and long for that fellowship.

Stay safe, y’all!

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