Scutterbugs and unfinished floors


By Vicki Scott

Where did this past week go? I feel like I accomplished nothing. We’ve been attempting to upgrade our lives in cleaning, donating, selling and burning. We’re in a hurry to get things done, but no one else seems to be. How can one family accumulate so much? I must watch Hoarders to get motivated, and I have three lists from Pinterest with suggestions of what to keep and what to throw away. Nothing is working now because we’re waiting to get our floors done.

We’ve moved everything to certain areas of the house so nothing will be in the way of the floors getting done. Sure, I can throw away things in some of these piles, but my life is on hold because the floors are not finished. It makes sense to me.

Earlier this week, our daughter Eva and daughter-in-law Machi brought the “grands” over to go swimming. When our grandchildren are around, I lose all sense of anything else. I know it shows, because my husband’s children – namely Eva – call me on it.

Our youngest grandchild, Addison Victoria (who we call Beans), is now swimming. She calls herself Addie Bean Bean. She just turned two last month but thinks she is six and is determined to do everything the older grandchildren were doing. That little scudderbug kept calling me and telling me to look at her because she was swimming. I praise God for life jackets. I could watch them all day knowing swimming wears them out.

I took a nap after the grandchildren left, and after I awoke, Alan and I went for a walk. I planned to finish laundry and write this article when I returned but fell asleep before any of this was accomplished. That realization woke me up before 5 a.m.

We plan to return to Glencoe in the next few days to take care of some business and for Alan to mow the lawn. I think it relaxes him. He can mow in 100-degree weather. He wants me to fax some things, which gives me an excuse to call the George Wallace Senior Center. I still miss the best job I ever had. The last I’ve heard, the center was quarantined again for the safety of the seniors. I hope it is opened again but I do not expect it to be.

My neighbor/friend/co-worker Faye Moore is in the hospital with COVID, while another co-worker, Deidre Howard, just had surgery on her knee and is recuperating. I hate that I cannot be there to help. I still have a cough from our recent trip to Gulf Shores, and I did not want to take any chances of it being COVID.

Please add everyone at the center and my former co-workers to your prayer list. We have some extra-special volunteers who have stepped in to help keep things going. Our seniors are still receiving meals because of the volunteers’ help and the determination of the center.

There are so many needs, and I feel guilty for sounding like I’m complaining about the possibility of being seen on an episode of Hoarders. We are truly blessed, and everything will get done when it is time. Speaking of which, I did make my bed.

Whew, it’s time for a nap!

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