Senior Awareness


 By Mary Payne

Who is it?

This question can lead to a lot of problems.

If someone knocks on your door and you aren’t expecting anyone – Do Not Answer.

Home intruders are not going to answer truthfully – “Oh, it is a home invader and I am going to steal your money and injure you.” They are going to say that they are from some utility company, an exterminating company or maybe even a church.

Sometimes these people have business cards that are made to match their driver’s licenses. The number that is on the card will be answered by the invaders’ friend. All of this can be made on the computer and is very authentic looking. Carrying a clipboard does not mean that they are working for a company. It is a prop to gain your trust. Just because someone is carrying a Bible, it doesn’t mean that they are preachers or from a church.

Safety is something that we all should practice every day.

Make sure that your house is secure and well lit. Outside lights with an inside switch is a very good idea. Pull your blinds down at night and make sure that you can’t see through them.  Take your garbage out in the morning and make sure that you collect your mail and newspapers daily. Do not let bushes around your house become overgrown; they are a good place for people to hide.

If you are going to away for an extended amount of time, get a trusted friend to check your house, mail, and newspapers.

On a lighter note: Have a safe-happy-healthy-life. Enjoy having fun.

Mary Payne is Outreach Coordinator for The Council on Aging of Etowah County, Inc.

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