Shopping during the Iron Bowl and being quizzed by Randy Owen


By Vicki Scott

There I sat last Saturday as Alabama was winning against Auburn 45-40. My husband Alan said that both teams were playing hard. I then went shopping with my friend, neighbor and co-worker, Faye, and took a nap when I got back. I wore my Auburn shirt that one of our seniors at George Wallace Senior Center gave me. I was blessed with many comments concerning my shirt, but I pressed on.

I am, and always have been, an Auburn fan. I missed three of the four quarters of the Iron Bowl but was able to catch up in time to see Auburn score late and take the lead. How exciting, especially with my husband being an Alabama fan. I love my Bama boy!

For Thanksgiving, we had our traditional and delicious dinner cooked by my sister-in-law. After the food and festivities, we gathered for a picture that I proudly posted on Facebook. One of the ladies that comes regularly to George Wallace Senior Center to line dance asked if my children knew that I line danced. 

“They do now,” I responded.

The lady and her friends are so glamorous and classy, with just the right touch of sass. They remind me of that television commercial where the 70-year-old woman says she heard that at a certain age, a woman stops caring how she looks, and she wondered what age that was. The lady and her friends could do that commercial. We all love to line dance to the song “Shagging at the Boulevard” by the band Alabama. Every time we play that song, one of the other ladies will make reference to those Bama boys.

Ironically, last Friday night my husband and I traveled to Fort Payne to see the Country Music Hall of Fame group, Alabama. I would have loved to hear them play longer, but I was able to meet Randy Owen and Teddy Gentry. I met Teddy Gentry first, and he almost fell on me twice while stumbling over a carpet. He was so skinny that I think I could have caught him all by myself.

When I met Randy Owen, the song “White Christmas” was playing over the sound system. He looked at me and asked, “Quick, who is singing that?”

I looked at Alan and asked him who was signing the song. Randy Owen acted disappointed when he told me it was Bing Cosby. I was so embarrassed; it was an epic failure of a first impression. I am not a quick thinker, and I was standing in front of Randy Owen. I can only do so much. I still love these Bama boys. I am glad they will not remember me, as some things need to be forgotten.

Oh my! What just happened? Auburn won? One of the comments made to me while I was shopping was that Auburn fans were shopping because they knew the Tigers were not going to win.  I was shopping because Faye asked me to, and I knew it would not be as crowded because people were watching the game. Win or lose, I have always been and always will be an Auburn fan. Being an Auburn fan does not stop me from loving my Bama boy and the group Alabama. War Eagle!


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