Snow, and a lack thereof


By Vicki Scott

This past Sunday morning was beautiful in that we woke up to snow falling heavily. It was breathtaking, and my first thought was about Glencoe, since I’ve witnessed more snow in Glencoe than I ever have in Dadeville. I looked on Facebook and enjoyed snow pictures from our Dadeville community, but I saw none from Glencoe.

I assumed that Glencoe would have even more snow being so far north of Dadeville. I pictured a blizzard but could not find any snow pictures to enjoy from the Glencoe area.

I messaged my sisters in Christ from Cove Creek Baptist Church. It was cold but they had no snow, not even on the mountain.

Our first snowfall in Glencoe was exciting. We made a snowman and sent pictures to our children, who were so jealous. In fact, our snowman was in the East Alabama newsletter that year. The only thing that excited me more was when Halloween came around. My first-time having trick-or-treaters happened in Glencoe, and I loved it.

One year when it snowed in Dadeville, it took our children a long time to get enough clothes on to go and play. Our daughter Eva was the funniest. She looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy as she walked toward the door with her hands straight out. I helped guide her outside only to see her brother Joseph guiding her back inside because she was complaining about it being too cold. It took longer to put her jackets on and take them off than the time she spent outside. I understood, and I did not go out at all. The scenery to me was just as beautiful from the inside looking out.

This year in the Dadeville community, I think the snow was unexpected because church was not canceled. In fact, we had a nice crowd at First Baptist Reeltown. We saw people we have not seen in a while. Joseph and his family came, which is always a blessing in itself. After church, they stayed at our house all day. I love being with family. Too bad the snow melted before we could make new memories with the “grands.” My soul flutters at the thought.

It is amazing how snow covers the ground and makes everything look so clean and picturesque. Being this happened on a Sunday this year, it reminded me of how God’s grace covers all our sins. I wonder if the snow-covered ground is how God sees us?

It was too bad Glencoe did not get any snow. My picture of the community may as well be snow covered. I love and miss everyone so stinking much!

Stay safe, y’all!

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