Southside sweeps Etowah County Schools track and field meet


Photo: Southside High’ Jackson Griggs (left) and Abbie Owens were named the boys and girls MVP of the Etowah County Schools track and field meet on April 14 at Gadsden City High School. (Courtesy of Alex Chaney) 

By Chris McCarthy, Publisher/Editor

Southside captured 33 overall medals en route to sweeping the Etowah County Schools track and field meet on April 14 at Gadsden City High School.
Runner-up Sardis took home 26 medals. The Panthers and Lions each won 12 events. Southside’s Abby Owens and Jackson Griggs were named the girls and boys MVPs of the meet. Both won two events – Owens in the 100 and 200-meter dashes and Griggs in the 1600 and 3200-meter runs.
Three athletes won three events. Sardis’ Torin Bright took the gold in the boys’ 100-meter and 300-meter hurdles, as well as the long jump. Sardis’ Brody Lowe finished on top in the boys’ discus, shot put and javelin. Glencoe’s Katie Giles won the girls’ 800, 1600 and 3200-meter runs.
Also winning multiple gold medals were Sardis’ Abby Rodgers in the girls’ 100 and 300-meter hurdles, Sardis’ Abby Burns in the long jump and triple jump and Southside’s Grayson Russell in the boys’ 100 and 200-meter dash.
The Southside boys captured all three relay events, while the girls won two.
The complete list of medal winners is as follows.
Girls first place
* Abby Rogers, Sardis: 100-meter hurdles, 18.07
* Abbie Owens, Southside: 100-meter dash, 13.30
* Katie Giles, Glencoe: 1600-meter run, 5:45.20
* Haley Kate Wellingham, Hokes Bluff: 400-meter dash, 1:03.53
* Abby Rogers, Sardis: 300-meter hurdles, 53.29
* Katie Giles, Glencoe: 800-meter run, 2:36.18
* Abbie Owens, Southside: 200-meter dash, 27.20
* Katie Giles, Glencoe: 3200-meter run, 12:56.47
* Abby Burns, Sardis: long jump, 16-01.25
* Lily Underwood, Sardis: shot put, 28-06.00
* Maddie Sims, Hokes Bluff: discus, 88-03.50
* Chloe Rule, Hokes Bluff: high jump, 4-06.00
* Abby Bruns, Sardis: triple jump, 33-04.25
* Maddie Sims, Hokes Bluff: javelin, 96-09
* Southside 4×800-meter relay team of Haley Powers, Alexis Valentine, Sara Burger and Adalyn Phillips, 12:45.98
* Southside 4×100-meter relay team of Ciara Flowers, Abbie Owens, Lexi Thompson and Lauren Henderson, 52.43
* Hokes Bluff 4×400-meter relay team of Maddie Sims, Jenna Bradley, Coley Sims and Chloe Rule, 5:33.11
Boys first place
* Torin Bright, Sardis: 110-meter hurdles, 14.73
* Grayson Russell, Southside: 100-meter dash, 11.16
* Jackson Griggs, Southside: 1600-meter run, 4:47.91
* Kendall Blackwell, Hokes Bluff: 400-meter dash, 54.42
* Torin Bright, Sardis: 300-meter hurdles, 42.01
* Sam Green, Hokes Bluff: 800-meter run, 2:11.54
* Grayson Russell, Southside: 200-meter dash, 22.62
* Jackson Griggs, Southside: 3200-meter run, 10:35.43
* Torin Bright, Sardis: long jump, 22-00.50
* Brody Lowe, Sardis: shot put, 45-01.00
* Sam Kilgo, Southside: triple jump, 38-05.00
* Brody Lowe, Sardis: discus, 129-05
* Jake Alewine, Sardis: high jump, 6-00.00
* Brody Lowe, Sardis: javelin, 144-08
* Southside 4×800-meter relay team of Ryan Maudsley, Jackson Griggs, Luke Holcombe and Will Anglea, 9:23.71
* Southside 4×100-meter relay team of Christopher Butler, Nathan Whitt, Cody Roberts and Grayson Russell, 44.08
* Southside 4×400-meter relay team of Daniel Cody, Luke Holcombe, Sam Kilgo and Brayden Mayes, 3:49.55
Girls second place
* Bayli Crow, Southside: 100-meter hurdles, 20.83
* Lauren Henderson, Southside: 100-meter dash, 13.33
* Hope Thompson, Hokes Bluff, 1600-meter run, 6:25.01
* Zoie Menk, Southside: 400-meter dash, 1:04.81
* Bayli Crow, Southside: 300-meter hurdles, 1:01.56
* Hope Thomason, Hokes Bluff: 800-meter run, 2:53.03
* Zoie Menk, Southside: 200-meter dash, 27.53
* Kaylen Tarpley, West End: 3200-meter run, 14:14.33
* Lily Lewis, Gaston: long jump, 15-01.00
* Kaylee Knight, Glencoe: shot put, 28-02.00
* Lily Underwood, Sardis: discus, 81-06
* Haley Kate Wellingham, Hokes Bluff: high jump, 4-04.00
* Faith Harris, Sardis: triple jump, 27-08.50
* Kinley Morrison, Sardis: javelin, 93-11
* The Hokes Bluff 4×800-meter relay team of Emma Doss, Jenna Bradley, Coley Sims and Ella Kate Shields, 13:29.60
*The Sardis 4×100-meter relay team of Abby Rogers, Kimberly Powell, Amaya Kittle and Lily Underwood, 54.70
Boys second place
* Avery Carroll, Sardis: 110-meter hurdles, 18.99
* Nathan Whitt, Southside: 100-meter dash, 11.36
* Will Anglea, Southside: 1600-meter run, 4:50.98
* Cody Daniel, Southside: 400-meter dash, 55.64
* Dylan Johnston, Hokes Bluff: 300-meter hurdles, 47.21
* Will Anglea, Southside: 800-meter run, 2:12.21
* Nathan Whitt, Southside: 200-meter dash, 22.64
* Ryan Maudsley, Southside: 3200-meter run, 10:43.54
* Sam Kilgo, Southside: long jump, 19-11.00
* Ian Stinson, Hokes Bluff: shot put, 41-09.00
* Ian Stinson, Hokes Bluff: discus, 120-04
* Hayden Smith, Glencoe: high jump, 5-08.00
* Amon Firestone, Southside: triple jump, 37-04.00
* Kodie Bogle, Gaston: javelin, 142-00
* The Sardis 4×800-meter relay team of Jonathan Lusk, Jaxon Snead, Zion Delgado and Blade Devin, 9:38.43
*The Sardis 4×100-meter relay team of Avery Carrol, Garrett Burns, Braxton Teal and Zion Delgado, 47.20
* The Sardis 4×400-meter relay team of Jonathan Lusk, Jaxon Snead, Zion Delgado and Blade Devin, 4:01.92
Girls third place
* Haley Powers, Southside: 100-meter hurdles, 22.23
* Lily Underwood, Sardis: 100-meter dash, 13.65
* Kiera Johnson, Hokes Bluff: 1600-meter run, 6:25.30
* Abbie Owens, Southside: 400-meter dash, 1:08.90
* Emma Doss, Hokes Bluff: 300-meter hurdles, 1:06.19
* Kiera Johnson, Hokes Bluff: 800-meter run, 2:53.93
* Haley Kate Wellingham, Hokes Bluff: 200-meter dash, 27.60
* Alexis Valentine, Southside: 3200-meter run, 14:18.02
* Lexi Thompson, Southside: long jump, 14-05.50
* Emma Gallagher, Southside: shot put, 26-09.00
* Kaylee Knight, Glencoe: discus, 74-01
* Abby Burns, Sardis: high jump, 4-02.00
* Isabella Self, Sardis: triple jump, 27-07.50
* Isabella Self, Sardis: javelin, 89-09
* The Glencoe 4×100-meter relay team, 57.18
Boys third place
* Dylan Johnston, Hokes Bluff: 110-meter hurdles, 19.47
* Hayden Smith, Glencoe: 100-meter dash, 11.47
* Luke Holcomb, Southside: 1600-meter run, 4:53.92
* Ethan Johnson, Hokes Bluff: 400-meter dash, 55.74
* Daimon Hitchcock, Southside: 300-meter hurdles, 49.03
* Jackson Griggs, Southside: 800-meter run, 2:12.22
* Kendall Blackwell, Gaston: 200-meter dash, 23.68
* Sam Green, Hokes Bluff: 3200-meter run, 10:55.11
* Hayden Smith, Glencoe: long jump, 19-09.75
* Connor Rowland, Southside: shot put, 41-00.00
* Tony Patterson, Sardis: discus, 116-02
* Garrett Burns, Sardis: high jump, 5-06.00
* Kodie Bogle, Gaston: triple jump, 35-09.50
* Ian Stinson, Hokes Bluff: javelin, 134-08
* The Hokes Bluff 4×800-meter relay team of Alexander Moland, John Max Taylor, Cole Avant and Nolan Fletcher, 11:16.96
* The Hokes Bluff 4×100-meter relay team of Noah Monday, Dylan Johnston, Ian Stinson and Jordan Bradley, 48.04
*The Hokes Bluff 4×400-meter relay team of Ethan Johnson, Eli Heath, Alexander Moland and Sam Green, 4:07.14

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