Southside sweeps county track & field meet


Photo: The Southside High girls track and field team gathers for a photo after winning the Etowah County Schools Meet on Wednesday, April 17 at Gadsden City High School. Pictured, kneeling, from left: Taylor Dortch, Lucy Valentine, Marlee Tucker, Anna Beth Cashman, Haley Powers,Kathryn Webb, Kinsey Carter, Audrey Kate Sullivan, Janice Hoenou. Standing, from left: Mallory Tucker, Sissilia Cornejo, Rylann Shaw, Madison Ashley, Adalyn Phillips, Emily Brown, Payton Ridley, Elizabeth Moore, Zoie Menk, Madison Walker. (Chris McCarthy/Messenger) 

By Chris McCarthy, Publisher/Editor

For the third straight year, the Southside boys and girls track, and field teams took the top honors at the Etowah County Schools meet.
The Panthers won 26 of the meet’s 68 events, with the girls capturing 15 first-place gold medals and the boys 12, on Wednesday, April 17 at Gadsden City High School.
It was the seventh consecutive title for the SHS boys, not counting the canceled COVID-19 season of 2020. The Lady Panthers claimed their thord straight championship.
Southside’s Caleb Gallagher and Kathyn Webb were selected as the boy and girl MVP. Respectively. Gallagher won all four of his events while competing in the 100-meter hurdles, 300-meter hurdles, long jump and triple jump. Webb went 4-for-4 in the 300-meter hurdles, long jump, high jump and triple jump.
“We had a lot of injuries this year with the boys, but we came in and competed very well today, and I couldn’t be any prou-der for them,” said Southside track and field head coach Ray Cargill. “We’re going into sectionals next week with full head of steam.
“Everybody on both teams helps each other in encouraging them at a meet and giving them tips during practice. I rely on my older guys and gals a lot for that. It takes a lot more and me and [assistant coach Roshard Cargill]; Coach [Kim] Nails and Hunter Nails have been a tremendous help this season.”
Evan Christopher won three events for Southside in the 800, 1600 and 3200-meer runs.
Other multiple medal winners for the Panthers were Anna Cashman in the girls 100 and 200-meter dashes, Kody Kueny in the boys 100 and 200-meter dashes and Peyton Ridley in the girls 800 and 1600-meter runs.
Taking home a pair of medals for Gaston
were Shelby Waters in the girls shot put and discus and Kodie Bogle in the boys high jump and javelin.
The list of medal winners is as follows.
Girls 4×800-meter relay
1. Southside, Payton Ridley, Mallory Tucker, Marlee Tucker, Taylor Dortch, 10:55.41
2. West End, Jada Wright, Kennedi Nix, Karlee Tarpley, Kaylee Tarpley, 11:42.22
3. Glencoe, Chloe Douglas, Palin Cook, Anna Grace Ponder, Sarah Ponder, 11:42.23
Boys 4×800-meter relay
1. Southside, Evan Christopher, Max Valentine, Jonathan Russell, Tanner Griggs,9:44.59
2. Sardis, Austin Edmondson, Braxton Jones, Grady Quisenberry, Aiden Pierce, 10:11.83
3. West End, Fysher Patterson, Brent Williamson, Jarrin Vaughn, Justin Smith, 10:32.88
Girls 100-meter hurdles
1. Haley Powers, Southside, 20.90
2. Emma Doss, Hokes Bluff, 20.91
3. Maggie Rogers, Sardis, 21.32
Boys 110-meter hurdles
1. Caleb Gallagher, Southside, 17.52
2. Eli Heath, Hokes Bluff, 18.09
3. Anthony Padula, Southside, 18.27
Girls 100-meter dash
1. Anna Cashman, Southside, 12.59
2. Mary Davenport, Hokes Bluff, 12.97
3. Kinsey Carter, Southside, 13.02
Boys 100-meter dash
1. Kody Kueny, Kody, Southside, 11.31
2. Triston Chaney, West End, 11.72
3. Jevonte Strong, Southside, 11.86

Girls 1600-meter run
1. Payton Ridley, Southside, 6:04.42
2. Emma Godfrey, Hokes Bluff, 6:07.72
3. Kaylee Tarpley, West End, 6:11.27
Boys 1600-meter run
1. Evan Christopher, Southside, 4:50.75
2, Ethan Patterson, Hokes Bluff, 4:54.63
3. Tanner Griggs, Southside, 4:54.84
Girls 4×100-meter relay
1. Southside, Zoie Menk, Kinsey Carter, Elizabeth Moore, Anna Beth Cashman, 50.54
2. Hokes Bluff, Jenna Bradley, Addison Simmons, Natalie Mooneyham, Mary Davenport, 53.54
3. Glencoe, Ella Hipps, Anna Grace Ponder, Sarah Ponder, Chloe Douglas, 56.99
Boys 4×100-meter relay
1. Southside, Jordan Bryan, Gauge NeSmith, Anthony Padula, Kody Kueny, 45.09
2. Sardis, Bryan Gramajo, Jacob Payne, Austin Edmondson, Gavin Quisenberry, 45.76
3. Hokes Bluff, Blain Barron, Brenton Hale, Blake Green, Eli Heath, 46.55
Girls 400-meter dash
1. Zoie Menk, Southside, 1:09.22
2. Madison Ashley, Southside, 1:11.11
3. Emily Brown, Southside, 1:12.62
Boys 400-meter dash
1. Alexander Moland, Hokes Bluff, 54.32
2. Micah Little, Southside, 57.11
3. Jordan Bryan, Southside, 1:00.37
Girls 300-meter hurdles
1. Kathryn Webb, Southside, 57.52
2. Victoria St. John, Hokes Bluff, 59.77
3. Emma Doss, Hokes Bluff, 1:00.49
Boys 300-meter hurdles
1. Caleb Gallagher, Southside, 43.69
2. Ethan Patterson, Hokes Bluff, 46.11
3. Anthony Padula, Southside, 46.51
Girls 800-meter run
1. Payton Ridley, Southside, 2:40.29
2. Taylor Dortch, Southside, 2:41.12
3. Emma Godfrey, Hokes Bluff, 2:45.80
Boys 800-meter run
1. Evan Christopher, Southside, 2:10.41
2. Tanner Griggs, Southside, 2:15.12
3. Max Valentine, Southside, 2:16.00
Girls 200-meter dash
1. Anna Cashman, Southside, 26.55
2. Kinsey Carter, Southside, 27.21
3. Elizabeth Moore, Southside, 28.25
Boys 200-meter dash
1. Kody Kueny, Southside, 22.92
2. Triston Chaney, West End, 23.94
3. Brenton Hale, Hokes Bluff, 24.17
Girls 3200-meter run
1. Marlee Tucker, Southside, 13:07.96
2. Sarah Ponder, Glencoe, 13:09.84
3. Kaylee Tarpley, West End, 13:16.71
Boys 3200-meter run
1. Evan Christopher, Southside, 10:31.01
2. Max Valentine, Southside, 11:03.29
3. Jackson Brown, Southside, 11:04.83
Girls 4×400-meter relay
1. Southside, Zoie Menk, Taylor Dortch, Madison Ashley, Payton Ridley, 4:50.74
2. Glencoe, Chloe Douglas, Palin Cook, Anna Grace Ponder, Sarah Ponder, 4:53.76
3. Hokes Bluff, Haley Heath, Victoria St. John, Kami Williamson, Natalie Mooneyham, 4:53.96
Boys 4×400-meter relay
1. Southside, Jordan Bryan, Anthony Padula, Jonathan Russell, Micah Little, 3:50.99
2. Sardis, Bryan Gramajo, Gavin Quisenberry, Dawson Clanton, Austin Edmondson, 3:51.30
3. Hokes Bluff, Alexander Moland, Eli Heath, Brenton Hale, Ethan Patterson, 3:53.05
Girls long jump
1. Kathryn Webb, Southside, 15-05.75
2. Kennedi Nix, West End, 14-07.75
3. Elizabeth Moore, Southside, 13-08.50
Boys long jump
1. Caleb Gallagher, Southside, 19-08.50
2. Kenan Baker, Southside, 18-11.00
3. Triston Chaney, West End, 18-06.50
Girls shot put
1. Shelby Waters, Gaston, 29-03.00
2. Rylann Shaw, Southside, 28-04.00
3.Anna Cashman, Southside, 28-02.00
Boys shot put
1. Gage Garner, Sardis, 46-11.00
2. Conner Wellingham, Hokes Bluff, 42-04.00
3. Leon Chen, Hokes Bluff, 39-04.00
Girls discus
1. Shelby Waters, Gaston, 84-04.50
2. Hayden Kittle, Sardis, 79-05.50
3. Libbie Hufstetlar, Glencoe, 66-08
Boys discus
1. Seth Cooper, Sardis, 125-07
2. Conner Wellingham, Hokes Bluff, 116-03.50
3. Jose Ponce, Sardis, 113-02
Girls high jump
1. Kathryn Webb, Southside, 4-10.00
2. Georgia Jackson, Sardis, 4-06.00
3. Addison Simmons, Hokes Bluff, 4-02.
3. Chloe Dodd, Hokes Bluff, 4-02.00
Boys high jump
1. Kodie Bogle, Gaston, 5-10.00
2. Braxton Jones, Sardis, 5-02.00
3. Marcus Bozarth, Sardis, 5-00.00
Girls triple jump
1. Kathryn Webb, Southside, 28-08.75
2. Madi Lumpkin, Sardis, 27-09.00
3. Haylen Marbut, Hokes Bluff, 27-05.00
Boys triple jump
1. Caleb Gallagher, Southside, 39-11.50
2. Kodie Bogle, Gaston, 39-09.00
3. Kenan Baker, Southside, 36-06.50
Girls javelin
1. Chloe Dodd, Hokes Bluff, 99-11
2. Rylann Shaw, Southside, 86-04
3. Shelby Waters, Gaston, 82-11
Boys javelin
1. Kodie Bogle, Gaston, 174-10
2. Conner Wellingham, Hokes Bluff, 158-10.50
3. Jose Ponce, Sardis, 155-02


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