The chaotic side of normal


 By Vicki Scott

As the Scott house assumes the chaotic side of normal for us, there have been a few changes along the way. My husband Alan has started riding his motorcycles again and I have returned to staying with my mom in Dadeville during the week. Mom and I planned to track back to Glencoe last Tuesday, when I could vote and visit George Wallace Senior Center if things went my way.

One of my husband’s motorcycles has a sidecar that I love to ride in, except when he rides over a curb at Jack’s in front of God and everybody. It’s kind of funny when I think back on it. One of our senior volunteers at the center, Ray St. John, calls Alan “Colonel Klink.” Well, Colonel Klink has to make a few changes to adapt to my staying in Dadeville and not being able to ride with him in the sidecar. Alan bought a skeleton, named it Fred and fastened it down into the sidecar with a seatbelt!

Fred doesn’t break the law; he’s safe! Alan tried to put a do-rag on Fred’s head but it kept flying off. The Colonel was pulled over by the police for laughs and photo opportunities. So when you see my husband riding with his sidecar friend, don’t worry; I haven’t lost weight – it’s just Fred!

When leaving the hospital and coming home two weeks ago, we had car trouble. That situation provoked Alan into getting me a new ride for my long trips. While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, the car does feature a lot of new technology that I must learn, including back windshield wipers! This was cute until I was riding down the highway last week and it started raining. I was pushing buttons, twisting blinkers and clicking here and there trying to find the windshield wipers. I found the back wipers first, and my mom didn’t understand why I turned those on since we were going forward. I’m sure the people behind me were wondering the same thing as they were waving back at me. Thank goodness that I found the front wipers before the rain got too rough!

Hopefully with a new ride that gets good gas mileage, I can persuade my mom to travel with me up here to Glencoe more during the week and not just when I am voting. This is my home, and I don’t spend near enough time here with my husband and his new friend Fred. Even with all of these changes, it is still on the chaotic side of normal for us. But we are so blessed, and I praise God!

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