The hunting chronicles…with Bobby Dale Welch


True love and wild pigs in Marengo County

Happy Mother’s Day!
I am blessed with a wonderful mother who has always supported me, whether it be hunting, work or whatever. I love her and appreciate who she is and what she stands for. Thank you, God, for my mother!
When our boys were too young to hunt by themselves, we would cram into a small hunting house. It was tight! One day we were hunting with a friend in Marengo County and decided we would split up. Since there are two boys, splitting up meant we needed two adults.
Sometimes a mother’s love outweighs her interest. You see, I married a jewel. Tracie is wonderful, creative, organized, fun, smart, pretty and fun. What she is not is an outdoors woman! She’s a girly girl, and I like that.
But when we needed her, she stepped out of her comfort zone and agreed to sit with Daniel during that hunt in Marengo County.
I’m sure there was interesting conversation taking place in that South Alabama shooting house that afternoon.
During the course of the afternoon, some wild pigs showed up. Wild pigs on your hunting property is NOT ideal! Daniel tells his mom to cover her ears.
Why? BOOM – down goes the pig. Tracie is freaking out! She agreed to sit with Daniel but she did not expect that to occur. When we freak out, we sometimes lose track of things. As she gathered her composure, Tracie realized Daniel was gone.
Where did he go?
Tracie then looked out into the field to see her oldest son dragging a dead pig toward the shooting house. After carefully placing the pig underneath the shooting house, Daniel climbed back into the shooting house with his mother.
“What are you doing?” she immediately asked.
“Getting ready for another one,” he replied.
“That’s my boy!”
My mother always took care of me, and I am thankful and blessed to marry a woman that would put her comfort aside to experience a time with her son so I might have a story to tell. Thank you, Tracie, for all that you do and for being such an awesome mother to our sons!
Bobby Dale Welch was born and raised in East Gadsden and graduated from Litchfield High School in 1988. He is the founder of and partner in BD Welch Construction and currently lives in Ashville with his wife Tracie and sons Daniel and Dawson. He may be contacted at

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