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By Dr. Cynthia L. Toles
Brandon Martin is a native of Gadsden and has qualified to run for the Etowah County Coroner office.
He was asked why he wanted to run for the office of coroner. With a confidence and a calm countenance, he said because of his heart’s desire is to serve the citizens within Etowah County, providing them with prompt response time when death occurs, while also ensuring that their family and love ones receive the appropriate attention needed to ensure that the information listed on the death certificate reflects the most accurate time and manner of death. Brandon also stated that he understands the role of the coroner’s is to pronounce citizens within the county deceased, but also think about the lives we can affect actively partnering along with other organizations within the county to help empower them to live.
Brandon stated that in 2012, the total number of accidental deaths for Etowah County was 44 people.
In addition, there were a total of eight suicides and four homicides.
For Brandon, as a candidate that’s seeking the office of Etowah County, his hope is by working with city and county officials along with other groups we can provide more awareness and support resources to individual’s that are contemplating committing these acts.
Another question posed to Brandon was what he thought were his main qualifications to serve in public office.
Brandon sta-ted that there are no qualifications to run for the office, but over the years there has been a professional standard set for this position.
“My qualifications include National Board Certified Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer, An Embalmer Specialist and Autopsy Technician for University of Alabama Birmingham hospital and my knowledge in Anatomy and Physiology of the human body and understanding the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that the body undergoes after death. In my employment, I have gained the knowledge by assisting in autopsies that qualifies me to be a candidate for coroner.”
Brandon Martin is a graduate of Gadsden High School and Jefferson State Community College. He holds an Associate in Applied Science in Funeral Services Education/Mortuary Science.

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