The thing with motorcycles


By Vicki Scott

Every year during the week after our anniversary, my husband Alan takes a trip with his brother Steve to a motorcycle “thing.” I’ve often been asked where it takes place. Not only has Alan told me the location, he has driven me by there. Motorcycles are Alan’s thing. I just trust that he is going where he says he is going and start making plans for some “me” time. I knew Alan would call me every night around 8 p.m. and text me in the morning around 8 a.m. Being the creature of habit that I am, this routine kept me from worrying about him. I know he loves it, and it gives him a break.

This year during Alan’s motorcycle thing, I planned to declutter, throw away and donate until our lake house looked decent. To reward myself, I was going to get a pedicure afterwards. It sounded fitting to me. It took the whole weekend to declutter, and when I felt better about the way things looked, I did not feel like going anywhere, so due to laziness I received no reward for the hard work.

One area of pride for me is my idea of a designated play area that I arranged for the grandchildren during my declutter endeavor. I was proud of myself, and it gave the kids an area of their own. The play area was located in the sunroom, which allowed me to close off the bedrooms to keep the “grands” out and in our sight. Before I made the play area, toys were in one of the bedrooms, and the kiddies loved to close the door where we would not know what they were doing. That bedroom is now full of the furniture we plan to sell.

This play area was enjoyed by the middle two of our four grandchildren. They played until bedtime and went back after church. The other two grandchildren visited and joined in. This time, the play area lasted for a little while before the toys started spreading, much like before. The next thing I knew, the kiddies opened the door to the study and started “exploring.” They said they were looking for something but would not tell me what is was. I told them what they were looking for was probably in the play area. That is when the oldest chimed in with, “There is nothing to do.”

How does one respond to that? We responded with, “Let’s go outside.” It was hot but there was plenty to do. As uncomfortable as I was, the grands were happy, so I endured the high temperatures with a smile. They played until time for them to go home. As soon as they left, I took a long nap!

After my nap, I straightened up to make it look like I did something while Alan was gone. He soon came through the door with a trophy, which he won along with a gift certificate at his annual motorcycle thing. I guess I can plan for some “me” time next year. too!

Congratulations on winning the Vintage Yamaha Rally/Yamaha Motorsports USA/Corporate Choice Award, dear hubby! Your trophy looks good up on the mantle above the fireplace in the living room between pictures of our two children.

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