The Vagabond – History of Gadsden city officials


Robert Kyle, First Mayor – 1867.

Officials as of June 9, 1876: Mayor: J. H. Disque; Aldermen: J. S. Paden, W. C. Liddell, W. T. Golightly, Jesse Mayne and W. N. Meeks; Town Marshall: M. M. Hughes; and City Clerk: D. B. Hicks.

Officials as of 1877 (Fiscal yr. March 1 to Feb. 28): Mayor: J. H. Disque; Aldermen: Joseph Bevans, W. T. Golightly, R. W. Whisenant, Wm. Christopher and J. R. Hughes.

Officials as of 1878: Mayor: Joseph Bevans; Aldermen: R. Hughes – lst Ward, T. B. Smith – 2nd Ward, R. W. Whisenant – 3rd Ward, W. W. Wilburn – 4th Ward and Wm. Christopher – 5th Ward.

Officials as of 1879: Mayor: Joseph Bevans; Aldermen: S. R. Price – 1st Ward, T. B. Smith – 2nd Ward (soon resigned and Mr. Herzberg elected who later resigned and Capt. Barret elected), B. Kittrell – 3rd Ward, J. G. Martin – 4th Ward and Wm. Christopher -5th Ward.

Officials as of 1880: Mayor: W. H. Standifer; Aldermen: W. J. Sibert – 1st Ward (resigned in September and W. P. Wilson elected in November), C. Dunn – 2nd Ward, Robert A. D. Dunlap – 3rd Ward, J. T. Martin – 4th Ward and Wm. Christopher – 5th Ward.

Officials as of 1881: Mayor: W. H. Standifer; Aldermen: John S. Paden – 1st Ward, Warren Backus – 2nd Ward, Robert H. Milam – 3rd Ward (resigned in December and W. P. Lay elected), S. W. Riddle – 4th Ward (resigned at first meeting and A. Harris elected by the Board) and M. L. Foster – 5th Ward.

Officials as of 1882: Mayor: McDougald Nesbit won the election but died before taking office. D. W. Beeson took office (died while in office and J. T. Brooks elected by the Board in July). Aldermen: J. R. Hughes (son of Gabriel Hughes) – 1st Ward, Warren Backus – 2nd Ward, W. P. Lay – 3rd Ward, Patrick Walsh – 4th Ward and W. M. Browning (James Allen’s grandfather) – 5th Ward (resigned when elected St. Overseer in August. Mike McCartney elected to fill vacancy and declined. Col. R. B. Kyle then elected).

Officials as of 1883 (elected for 2 yr. term – new charter): Mayor: J. T. Brooks; Aldermen: J. R. Hughes – 1st Ward, H. Herzberg – 2nd Ward, W. S. Standifer – 3rd Ward (resigned Aug. 1884, R. A. Dunlap elected), J. S. Cunningham – 4th Ward and R. B. Kyle – 5th Ward (Resigned June, 1884 – Lawrence Smith elected).

Officials as of 1885: Mayor: Wm. H. Standifer; Aldermen: James Millsap (?) – lst Ward (Resigned May, l886 – John S. Paden elected), W. L. Echols – 2nd Ward, T. B. Gwin – 3rd Ward (Resigned April 2, 1885 – W. L. Aycock succeeded him and then later moved from Ward and was succeeded by W. P. Lay), John B. Liddell – 4th Ward and J. R. Ward – 5th Ward (May have been P. M. McCall’s brother-in-law).

Officials as of 1887: Mayor: John H. Disque; Aldermen: John S. Paden – 1st Ward, J. M. Chadwick – 2nd Ward, John Flynn – 3rd Ward (Resigned July, 1888 – W. A. Cocheran elected but declined and W. P. Lay elected in September), A. L. Glenn – 4th Ward and John P. Ralls, Jr. – 5th Ward.

Officials as of 1889: Mayor: John P. Ralls, Jr.; Aldermen: Joseph R. Hughes – 1st Ward, Wm. L. Echols – 2nd Ward, Walter S. Standifer – 3rd Ward, James C. Tolson – 4th Ward and John B. Liddell – 5th Ward (tie between W. G. Brockway and John B. Liddell – Liddell elected by the Aldermen). Officials as of 1891: Mayor: L. Cunningham.

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