The Vagabond – Strange happenings around Etowah County Part IV


The Vagabond has place together several strange happenings in Etowah County. We have discussed such things as a Bigfoot roaming here locally and 12-foot giants found buried in Whorton’s Bend! The Vagabond has actually witnessed some of these strange happenings, including sightings of UFOs and aliens. This week we will discuss UFOs found around Etowah County. Unfortunately, there have been so many local UFO sightings that The Vagabond will not be able to publish but only a few. The names have been left out.

June 29, 1986 

 sighting in Gadsden

“I was in the house and my wife was leaving. It was 9:45 p.m. and she was heading to Wal-mart. She ran back into the house and said that there was a UFO outside. I ran out and observed two lights in the air changing colors. The moon was bright and we could see the bigger UFO on bottom was hovering at an angle. The larger one was on bottom and the smaller one on top. Both UFOs were pulsating light, which was changing color. The little one on the top let off a streak of light that looked like a peace sign without the circle and disappeared. The bigger one remained. We could see the body of the bigger craft now as the colors still changed. The little craft appeared again with no sound. The little UFO was around the outer of the big one. They looked like they may have joined together or were just hovering in a formation. An airplane flew toward it (there is an U.S. Army base located about 20 miles away), and that is when the smaller one disappeared. I wanted to videotape the incident, but being in awe of the sight, I did not want to miss out. My wife was terrified and the dogs in the neighborhood were barking. The air felt charged, like a lightning storm. This object was not an airplane or helicopter. It almost had the color of a jellyfish in the sky when it wasn’t changing colors. My wife and I will gladly take polygraphs on our statements. It made no sound, left no lights upon disappearing and when it left it looked more like it burned out rather than took off. After the object left, another airplane headed that way but from a different direction.”

July 12, 2013  

sighting in Attalla

“My husband was on his way home to Attalla from work at Steele. When driving on the interstate, he saw what he thought was a plane crashing to the ground, or maybe even a UFO. It was a bluish-green ball of light with a long tail around 30 to 40 feet long. It dropped from the sky ‘crashing like.’ He couldn’t tell what the object was; he didn’t see any silhouette to know a shape, except it was big and round. He did not have an explanation on what it was or what he saw. He was pretty shaken up about it and amazed at the same time.”

Dec. 20, 2003 

sighting in Rainbow City

“Along about evening, my step-daughter and I were on our way home back from my mother’s house. We were on Browns Road and looked up into the sky and noticed a very large craft flying slowly about 100 feet or more above the pine trees. I stopped the car and stood outside and watch the object pass overhead for at least 10 minutes. It was a very large craft. We were in shock. I could not believe what I was seeing! The craft was very large and silent with no sound whatsoever. The shape randomly changed back and forth. After the craft passed over, my stepdaughter was crying because she was very scared. The strangest part was that we left my mother’s house at 5:30 p.m. on the way back to the apartments. It takes about 40 minutes, which meant getting home by 6:10 p.m. We actually got home about 10 p.m.

Jan. 1, 2014

 sighting in Hokes Bluff

“It was 20 minutes after New Year of 2014. I went outside to smoke a cigarette when I saw a very bright red object lifting from the southeast. It was a bright kind of red color that I have never seen before. I watched for about five minutes until I thought that it was so strange that I needed to get it on video. I grabbed my camera from my bedroom and I started recording as it was steadily rising. The object got above the tree line, stopped and hovered. It then blinked out and just seemed to disappear. I never saw it again!”

May 27, 1995 

sighting in Southside

“It traveled so quickly…like turning a light switch on to the off position. My son described it best: ‘It was a very bright white object, circular in shape and moved rapidly, like turning a light switch on and off…that quickly…it went from point A to point B.”

May 10, 1997 

 sighting in Southside

“I visited my mother, who lives in Alabama, on Mother’s Day weekend. That Saturday evening, I was going outside to see if there were any remains of the Halle Bopp comet. While stargazing, I saw two objects, round in shape and bright white with blue haze encircling them in color. At first I only saw one object, which was darting forward in an unimaginable rate of speed. After watching for about 30 seconds, the second object zoomed up behind the first one and they were going at the same speed for about 10 seconds. The second object then stopped still, while the first one jetted around at different angles in front and behind the second. I then saw both objects start and stop several times. The first one then stopped and went straight up in an instant. The second object then went forward until it disappeared. I’m not sure what these two objects were, but I do know that there are no aircraft or weather balloons that I know of that could have moved at those angles and speeds. I don’t want to sound like a kook, but I am curious if anyone else had witnessed this event. Afterwards, I went in to tell my husband and mother what I had seen. They believed me but were skeptical and offered several explanations that I found hard to believe.”

July 3, 2007 

sighting in Southside

“At approximately 9:30 p.m., I was on my deck smoking a cigarette. As I do nightly, I looked into the sky to see the clarity of the stars, or in this case, lack thereof. I have owned this family property for over 40 years. To the northwest sky I noticed a triangular cluster of lights hovering over the treetops in the distance. I first thought this to be stars; however, they were too low to the treetops. The lights were distinctively triangulated with possibly the bottom row containing lights of color or motion between the two corners of the triangle (pyramid) shape. These lights were observed for four to six minutes. I told my 17 year-old daughter to come out on the deck and see. She observed, saying that I was freaking her out with this sighting. She went inside with me, and when I returned, the lights were gone. There are no towers or residents within this area that are lighted at this elevation. Furthermore, the sky seemed to become increasingly clearer after this sighting.”

Oct. 1, 1980 

sighting in 


“I have two friends who were traveling south on U.S. Highway 431 in north Alabama. It was dark and there were several cars whose occupants also would have seen it. My friends described an orange ball of fire that was hovering over a small country store adjacent to the highway. As my friends got closer, the ball of fire changed into a cone shape. The craft had something on its outside that started to revolve. On the third revolution, the craft made an initial dart and then left at an incredible speed.”

Nov. 17, 2010 

sighting in Gadsden

“White sphere witnessed by my nieces and an orange ball witnessed by all of us occurred on same day. I got a text message at about 9 a.m. in the morning from my niece saying that she and her sister had just saw, and I quote, ‘a freaky flying thing.’ She later told me that when they went to do their daily outside chores, she saw three white balls about the size of softballs that had a rotating light. She pointed it out to her sister, who looked up and saw it, too. They said that the objects were a little higher than the power lines and just vanished right before their eyes. I later came over and had them tell me the story, because they know I’m interested in UFOs. They both drew pictures of what they saw. One girl was 15 and my other niece who saw it was 16 at the time. Later that day around 4:30, I had them ride with me to go do some work at my storage space. One of them screamed, “What is that?” I pulled over and we looked out the window and saw what appeared to be a big orange light in the sky. It appeared to be hovering at first, but then we noticed that it was moving steadily but very slowly. We then noticed that three jets were heading toward the object. I decided to drive up the road to see if I could get a better look, and we lost sight of it. I then turned around and went back to same spot as before. The object was still there but there was no sign of the jets. We didn’t see what happened, but they were gone. After a while, we lost sight of the orange ball, as it seemed to move off into the distance. I just want to add that I’ve seen weather balloons and I’ve seen Venus, and this wasn’t either one. The girls and I couldn’t believe what we had seen.” 

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