There’s nothing like a visit from grandkids to cure a funk


By Vicki Scott

It is a difficult thing to pinpoint what put me in a funk this past week. It could have been due to a full moon. It could be hereditary. It could be because it has been 10 years since I lost my father.  It could have been because I have eaten way too much and I am not happy myself. Perhaps I may just be beaten down and worn out. Whatever the reason, I do not like it at all.

This Christmas season comes with many blessings, as the grandchildren increase in number and age. My family did not celebrate Christmas or Easter or birthdays, so none of those holidays meant anything to me until my children were the age my grandchildren are now. A child was born to save us, and God used my daughter Eva to lead me to be saved. I am so grateful and humbled for that.

The reason I am sharing this is because last Thursday night, God knew I needed Him to use Eva again. She called and told me she was going to surprise me, but she wanted to let me know she was coming to see us Friday and stay the night. My funk was so deep that I did not even clean the house. I knew that Eva would not mind, anyway, since she and the grandkids were not coming to see our house.

Our phone’s map app shared the locations where Eva and our two grandchildren were traveling through, along with their estimated time of arrival. I watched my phone in anticipation. Eva called during the drive and said that she needed some things. I asked her what she needed, since I did not want to lengthen their three-hour drive. Even though she was hesitant, I told Eva that I would buy her needed items and they would be here waiting for them. 

When Eva and the grandchildren arrived, I found some much-needed energy in those grand hugs. The funk left me, and it was if all was well with the world. We took the kiddies to see the Christmas lights at Noccalula Falls, and the excitement and looks on their faces were priceless!  The oldest grandkid, Saylor Rhea, had been to Christmas on the Falls before and she told her mother all about the place. Her younger sister Tyler Kate, who just turned a year old, should be on a commercial for more energy than the Energizer Bunny. They ran everywhere and said “Hey” to everyone. The Bible tells us 365 times not to worry, and Saylor Rhea and Tyler Kate were showing me how it’s done.

We ate at Jack’s in Hokes Bluff the next morning and then set out to a shopping adventure. TJ Maxx was first on the list, and Saylor Rhea found some Frozen toys she wanted. Her mother told her no, but Saylor put the toys in the buggy anyway and told her mom that she was going to let her think about it. Eva told Saylor that she would be having her fourth birthday party next weekend and she might be getting the toys. Saylor put up a good argument when she said the toys might not be or sale if she did not get them for her birthday. Eva won the debate, at least for now. I enjoyed the debate.

The debates continued between Saylor and Eva as we shopped at the Gadsden Mall, while Tyler Kate imitated her mother checking out the merchandise. Eva apologized for all the bickering, but I assured her that it was all right. I was enjoying myself while watching my daughter bargain with a younger version of herself. As the adventure came to an end, there were some tired people among us. The grandkids were beaten down, but I was revived!

I praise God for supplying my needs when I need them. No matter what the culprit may be, He mends my bad days. It is amazing what difference a child can make!

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