Those waiting in the next room


By Vicki Scott

Over the last few weeks, some of my previous training at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe was put to good use. The center’s director, Pat Hill, shared immense wisdom, and it is my prayer that her advice will not go to waste.

In order to get help for some of my seniors here in Dadeville, I stirred up of their several family members who sit at home alone while the world passes them by. Many churches have programs for youths, which are good programs to have, but my passion with the seniors. I have been pushing for our seniors to spend more time with the youth (and vice versa) through our youth minister, who has been very supportive and loves hanging out with us. We’re a long way from the Glencoe level, but we’re working on year No. 2 her in Dadeville and getting better through God’s grace.

When I mentioned that families were stirred, it was not always in a good way. Some have legitimately justified their actions or lack thereof. After persistence, consulting with Pat and my husband Alan along with much prayer, the seniors were taken care of to the best of my ability. It does not bother me that there might have been some hard feelings against me – and there were a few – but if that is what it takes to get my seniors taken care of, so be it. Most families are very appreciative of our efforts, and I should focus on what is good. Many seniors, senior family members and friends of seniors call me, and I do all I can for them, but the blessings have been coming from God in His sending others in our community to step in and make things happen. All this made me appreciate what Pat does in Glencoe as she accepts phone calls from her seniors day and night and taking the actions needed to help in any way possible.

There are still many areas of growth for me, but I ‘m still working hard to measure up to Glencoe standards in memory of my mother, whose birthday was this past Friday. She would have been 81. It has been three years since she joined my father in heaven. I hope they are proud of me. Last week, I watched a movie in which a dying lady was comforting her son. He said that he would miss her. She asked him why he would miss her, and he spoke about how he would not be able to see her. The dying lady asked her son if he would miss her if she was in the next room, since he would not be able to see her. He said that he would not because she would be right in the next room. She told him to pretend she would always be in the next room and that he just would not be able to see her. I like that thought, and I’ve shared it several times.

My daughter visited us one day after spending time praying for and along with different people at a conference. She said that all those broken hearts drained her feeling. I thought about our seniors and all the needs in our community. Every situation that breaks my heart drains me while I a feel for them and pray for them. The holidays are coming up, and many seniors will be missing loved ones who have passed on, but they are not gone. We cannot see them because they are in the next room.

Keep up the good work, Pat Hill. I pray all the wisdom and experience you shared with me will represent you well. I’m doing all I can. God is making things happen and blowing my mind, and that feeling is not draining at all!

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