Vicki Scott: Of messages and massages


By Vicki Scott

When we put our lives in God’s hands, there is no telling where He might lead us. I sometimes need a firm voice to realize that God is leading me into something new.
One of the seniors in our church in Reeltown was homebound, with her husband doing all he could to take care of her. Some people from our Sunday school class checked in on her and did what they could to help. I planned to visit the couple, but it did not pan out until one of the ladies in our Sunday school said (in a firm voice) that we as a church had failed this couple.
Hearing those words cut into my heart. The old me would have lashed back at the lady, and nothing would have been solved. The couple’s brother and sister-in-law were attending the class at the time, and the sister-in-law spoke softly as she recommended to the class of either calling or texting the couple.
“See, you can call or text her if you cannot go visit,” a small voice inside my head said.
I designate a time each week to call every one of our seniors and check on them, and it never dawned on me that I could call or text this couple. I was focused on the act of visiting them. I asked for the homebound lady’s phone number and added her to my call list when I returned home.
Calling home bound seniors was something I noticed when I worked at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe, as Ping Pondick volunteered every Wednesday to do just that. As a matter of fact, Ping was volunteer calling the day I interviewed for the best job I ever had.
Back in Reeltown, I explained to the homebound couple via a text why they had not heard from me. They were very forgiving, and I was grateful for that, because I’ve learned from experience that a text communicates little or no emotion, and things can be left out.
One recent Monday, I woke up thinking about essential oils. One of the senior ladies, Mary, exercises with us on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and is a firm believer in essential oils. Monday is my designated day to communicate with my seniors. I first message and text and then follow up with a phone call.
I accidentally called the homebound couple while attempting to text, and I hung up as soon as I noticed my mistake. The homebound lady called back, and I soon asked her about the pain that was keeping her awake at night. I asked her what she has tried to do to ease her pain, and she named a lot of things. She recently had back surgery that resulted in nerve damage, and the pain she currently is experiencing is part of the process in the healing of those nerves. The doctor says those nerves are “waking up.” This intense pain, which starts in her toes and feet. keeps her awake at night crying.
Her husband was also crying because he could not do anything to help her. I asked the lady if anything had helped ease the pain, and she told of one of the ladies in our Sunday school soaking her feet in Epsom salt. I asked the homebound lady if she had ever tried essential oils. She said she had not, although she had a kit of those oils in her bathroom.
After I hung up, I texted Mary, who she quickly provided the information and the oils needed to massage the painful areas. According to the information, I was to soak the lady’s feet in Epsom salt along with drops of our choice of essential oils from the recommended list. I also knew that I had to step outside of my comfort zone and massage her feet.
After looking through YouTube and Google, I loaded up, prayed and drove to the couple’s home in order to massage the lady’s feet. As nervous as I was and as patient as she was, it turned out to be a nice experience. The doctor said it would take 18 months to two years for the lady’s nerves to heal and she is four months in. While massaging the lady’s feet, I noticed evidence that her husband slept on the couch in order to be with her when she had to sleep in a chair. When I finished the massage, the lady said that her feet were not hurting.
I texted the lady the next morning found that not only had she slept all night with no pain, but she was able to sleep in her bed. Her physical therapy session showed significant improvement as well. Needless to say, I was above Cloud 9 that day. I wanted to hide from others the fact that I massaged the lady’s feet, but word had gotten out and two other women have volunteered to help.
We also found a masseuse that does house calls, and funds have been offered for that. We are trying to get or do massages every other day if they help. Glory to God; He never ceases to blow my mind in His details!
Alas, what I was afraid would happen during this process did happen, as my husband Alan recently said that his feet hurt and was in need of a message. I have not been led there as of yet, praise God.
The homebound lady has had a few bad nights since then, and it looks like her nerves are waking up in her legs and right rear end. I told her I would massage her legs but that her husband would have to handle the butt cheek. She informed me that no one was handling said butt cheek.
Please pray for this precious couple. Eighteen months to two years is a long time to experience daily pain but God is working!

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