Weary and worn out


By Vicki Scott

With anticipation, we have the honor of still sending out meals to our seniors at the George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe. Mayor Charles Gilchrist has ordered tests for us at the center, and no one who has a temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit is allowed in to help.

Volunteers from the center who distribute meals to the homebound are delivering with extra steps of protection. When the volunteers return every day, we wipe down and sanitize the vans’ seats, steering wheel, doors and anywhere else we think might have been touched. We are going through many gloves while striving to keep everyone well. Our seniors do a drive thru, and we have been hustling to get our curbside service up to speed. We are new at this endeavor but are determined to make this work and keep all our seniors fed. Our seniors at the center are very appreciative and have offered to help in any way they can.

We have been very blessed by every one of our seniors, but I miss my hugs. I referred to this article as Weak No. 2 because I am tired and beat down. I now realize how energizing and soul-filling hugs are. I knew it, of course, but now I’m feeling it! When this corona virus becomes obsolete, I will probably be able to run a marathon with all the make-up hugs I am going to get.

Until then, I plan to do my duty in washing my hands and sanitizing and trying hard to practice social distancing. I am just so tired, weak, and beat down, as we all are, and I and need hug rejuvenation. But this too shall pass, and I praise God that we can still send food out. When church services were cancelled, I’d had enough. It shook me up so badly that I felt led to livestream our bible study lesson at Cove Creek Baptist Church. When I told my daughter of my plan, she wanted me to make it public where she could watch it. It gave me glory bumps to think she wanted to watch it. One of my aunts wanted to see it, too. The glory bumps, or goose bumps for regular chills, continued. I chickened out several times, but I finally followed through.

Feeling lightheaded, I could not get the computer to go live, so I used my phone. As soon as I went live, I got comments. I was only public to friends, who hopefully would be more gracious. Their sweet comments made me feel more comfortable, and at the end, I felt like I defeated the evil one in the name of Jesus.

When I had a chance to read the comments, I found that not only my daughter and aunt watched but my daughter-in-law, people from my mother’s church, the church we came from, former students, radio personalities, longtime friends, other family members and my cousin that lives in Rome, Italy, watched! My cousin said It made her day. With the devastation they are experiencing in Italy, I praise God that it made her day, but my heart is broken for them. Prayers are lifted for all.

Unless by some miracle the corona virus mysteriously disappears, next week will be just as much of a blessing as was this week. Either way, I know that God is with us and that this too shall pass. I praise Him for all His blessings – past, present and future.

Something amazing is stirring – brace yourself!

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