What sort of chaos blesses your heart?


By Vicki Scott

My husband and I recently attended Grandparent’s Day at our grandchildren’s elementary school. It was the first time we had been invited to such an event, so everything else was cancelled in our life to be sure and attend.

Coincidently, there was a book fair at that very same school at the same time.

We started in the lunchroom where we stood in line to get a cookie and some punch. Mine was frosted. Our number three grandchild, Tyler Kate led me before everyone else. Tyler Kate is my sweet and chocolate-loving spitfire who is always hungry. I cannot see where it all goes. Hanging around her gets me some food at some point. A girl after my own heart!

There were announcements made instructing us to eat then visit our grandchildren’s classes. When we finished, we started toward one class then visited the other one next door. It was a joy to meet the teachers even if I could not recognize either one in a line-up. With all the chaos, I do not think the teacher would remember us either.

Our little darlings did not want to spend much time in their classrooms with the book fair in the library. I knew where the library was because one time, we had a flat tire at the school and the librarian helped watch the kids while we took care of the tire. There was no leadership needed in finding the library, which was a good thing, the grands left us. They were shopping at the bookfair.

How many grandparents showed up that day is a mystery, but there were many. We stood in line waiting to pay for the books, toys and gadgets that the joys of our lives picked out. Not only did I have items to pay for but I was stuck holding all their school things too. They are not spoiled. All I know is I felt like I was in line for three days, and I did not even get a senior citizen discount!

Having Grandparent’s Day along with some type of fundraiser for the school, in my opinion, is a grand idea! Our second in command grand, Saylor Rhea said this was the first year they did this. With such a turn-out as this, I believe there will be many more in our future. I am ready! Our grands called us before we got home showing us how much fun they are having with their new stuff. What a blessing! Hopefully, we will be invited to some more!

Vicki Scott may be contacted at lily200383@yahoo.com.

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