Worthwhile road trips and therapeutic seniors


By Vicki Scott

This past weekend was spent watching movies with my hubby Alan and making apologies to family and friends for saying “no” to another long driving weekend. For those people who have the energy to go forever, more power to them.
On Monday, Alan and I traveled two hours and 15 minutes to Dadeville to pick up my mother, then drove another two hours to Troy to express our condolences to our cousins who had lost their father a year ago and recently lost their mother, who never got over the loss of her husband. Our hearts were broken and in shock. It was a long trip home, and we arrived home late and feeling numb. During one of our bible study classes on Wednesday nights, I remembered one of the nurses said that a broken heart is a real medical condition. She called it a long name I cannot remember.
When I returned to work at George Wallace Senior Center on Tuesday, I shared my experience at the funeral and the connection I made with what the nurse said. Several of our seniors spoke up and made a personal connection. I knew they had suffered loss of a loved one, but what they said next made me cry again. They said that loss was the reason that they came to the center. The love and laughter shared daily at the center is therapeutic. Our seniors make my heart sing! They make each other’s heart sing!
I cried so much on Monday and Tuesday that I was congested and sounded “croupy,” as Pat put it. I tried to hold myself together while my aunt and uncle came to visit our center in Glencoe on their way back to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. My Uncle Henry looks like my father with blonde hair. My father passed away 10 years ago. When Uncle Henry and Aunt Gail visit, I feel like I see my dad for a little while. I begged them not to go. I need to stop that. I want them to keep coming to visit.
I did not cry until Uncle Henry turned and looked back at me and waved goodbye. Pat, Deidre and everyone else who were still at the center gathered around and loved on me. It was so therapeutic! I did not cry until I typed about Uncle Henry looking back at me. My congestion cleared up, and I hope it stays clear even though some tears were shed while typing this week’s column.
God knew what I needed when he blessed me with our seniors at George Wallace Senior Center, and He also knew how much they need each other.
Next weekend is my weekend with mom. There are no specific plans, except to love on her and praise God for every moment I get to see her. We talked on the phone a few minutes ago, and she was having a good day. I treasure those good days, and the long trips are well worth it.

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