Yai Yai’s lap and a hot pink mess


By Vicki Scott

Watching softball is one of my favorite things, especially when I’m related to one of the players, which in last Friday’s case was our oldest grandchild, Ava Jaymes. We were all bundled up, except for the times when I was up and yelling. My children were embarrassed, and that was icing on the cake for my soul.

The most embarrassing part was the fact that I was up yelling on the wrong side. I believe the poor couple in front of us suffered from a case of tinnitus by the time the game was over. When the couple started packing up to leave, I jumped in front of them with my chair and plopped it down closest to the fence. The whole time, of course, I was apologizing to them for yelling in their ears while trying to be nonchalant about my true motive.

My daughter Eva asked me if I was going to sit on our team’s side. I informed her that I was on the fence and would remain right where I was. Our second oldest grandchild, Saylor Rhea, tried to sit in my lap before giving up and going to her Yai Yai’s lap. At any rate Ava Jaymes and her teammates received support from both sides because of the cold weather and me not wanting to move. It worked out because her team won both games.

I woke up Saturday morning not having time to get properly ready for small group ladies walk, but I made it in time. It was a beautiful day for a walk. I missed the previous Saturday walk due to a ballgame, so it had been two weeks since the ladies had seen me. It was spiritually uplifting and head swelling in getting compliments on my new haircut and weight loss, but I must stay humble. This group reminds me so much of the lady’s group at Cove Creek Baptist in Glencoe. I do miss them.

Company arrived shortly after I returned home, and we went out to eat, which is always a good thing. We then rode around sightseeing with our longtime friends, who are more like family. We are blessed.

After Sunday, my daughter-in-law (and Greek goddess) Machi stopped by the house to pick me up. We traveled to Eva’s house with Ava Jaymes and her sister Addison Victoria, also known as Beans. We met Eva with my other two grandchildren, Tyler Kate, and Saylor Rhea. We planned to go shopping, but one of the neighbor’s kids came over to play, so we decided to stay put. The child is a two-year-old boy, about a foot and a half tall and faster than a speeding bullet. He was all boy, and Eva had to jump up and chase him several times before she took him home. She then coaxed all the children into the house where she could be more at ease.

Boy eventually wandered into the girl’s room and discovered some stuff called kinetic sand, which looked like space playdough. It does not stick as much as regular play dough and it crumbles and creates a mess. This particular sand was hot pink, and Boy asked me to open the canister it was in. As soon as I opened the canister for this charming and adorable child, I told Eva he was playing with the kinetic sand. She just waved her hand and said that it would be fine. The children played all afternoon away and had a blast.

When suppertime came, we decided to take Boy home and the grandchildren out to eat before heading home. When we were getting our things ready, Eva went into the girls’ room, where hot pink crumbles were scattered everywhere. The more Eva looked, the more she found and the more upset she became. It did not help matters that at the same time, the grands were walking all over the crumbles while trying to pick up their toys. Eva told them to pick up their toys. The oldest three tried to blame Beans, but she denied responsibility.

I wanted to laugh so bad but decided it was not a good time. I did not admit to Eva of my opening the canister for Boy. I would not have denied it she had asked, but there’s no reason to go looking for trouble.

Once most of the hot pink mess was in the garbage, we enjoyed a free meal from Moe’s. On the way home, Machi busted out laughing. It seemed that a hot pink crumb was stuck in my hair. A hot pink mess, indeed!

Stay safe, y’all!

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