Bring on the grandkids!


By Vicki Scott

It is that time of year again – Vintage Yamaha Rally Time, which means that my husband Alan and his brother traveled to North Carolina for the weekend. Alan was beyond excited, as was I, since I was looking forward to some “me” time. Relaxing and doing nothing were my plans and I was careful not to tell our children I would be alone for the weekend, though it is a blessing that they feel the need to take care of me in my husband’s absence.

At church, our pastor was looking for Alan for help with a project. I told him of Alan’s plans and that we are not telling the children because I needed some “me” time. He laughed.

Apparently, all I needed is one day of “me” time, because I ended up going to a Friday night football where our oldest granddaughter Ava Jaymes was cheering. Alan had left the day before, so by Friday night, I was ready for family time. Our son Joseph came to our home after work and went to the game with me but rode back with his wife Machi because I left soon after Ava Jaymes had finished cheering.

A little while later, Joseph and Machi drove up in our driveway to pick up his car and check on me. They left shortly for some “they” time, being that Machi’s mother took the grandchildren to her house to spend the night.

On Saturday, I joined our ladies walking group for the first time in several months. We walked two miles, and it felt great! It is always a joy to meet with these ladies every chance I get, but I had to hurry back home because our new insurance man was coming to take pictures at p.m. The plan was going shopping with our daughter Eva and her children, Saylor Rhea and Tyler Kate after the insurance man left. Tyler Kate had already asked her mother to allow her talk with me on the phone. This was where she could give me a list of snacks, she wanted me to buy for her for the trip.

The insurance man did not come until 3 p.m., so our plans fell through. When I messaged Eva that the insurance man had left, she told me that Joseph and Machi were coming over with their children and spending the night. She went on to say that they would find room for me as well, but she knew that I did not like crowds. In other words, her new plans did not include me. I love for my children to spend time with each other, so I decided to stay home and watch movies.

That afternoon and evening were spent watching movies, drinking diet coke and eating sunflower seeds. Only one “me” time night was needed, and I enjoyed the movies. It would have been nice to be at Eva’s, but I love to sleep. Besides, Eva told me that Saylor Rhea is cheering at a game next week.

It was breakfast Sunday at our church, and I had already decided beforehand to leave after worship and skip breakfast if none of our children came. It was a great surprise when Joseph and his crew showed up and sat with me during the church service. Who am I kidding? They made my soul shine!

We stayed for the breakfast, and the pastor and his wife sat with all of us at the table. I would have felt honored, but he told my children what I said about wanting “me” time. He thought it was funny. His wife said to watch what we say, that it could turn out to be a title to his next sermon. He did tell them at just the right time, because the weekend was over, and Alan was due back soon. During all this free time, however, I realized something – I really do not like “me” time at all.

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