Keep Smiling...with Rosie Preston

March 22, 2019 chris
Rites of passage… Looking at a recent selfie photo of me and my granddaughter, I find myself trying to look around some miraculous corner on the photo so I can see if that’s really what I look like in today’s world. I admit it is me. It’s the ‘me’ who has finally accepted that I’m
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Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston: Childhood memories

March 15, 2019 chris
On the news a few days, ago I heard the still-popular Barbie doll was celebrating a birthday. It is hard to believe she is turning 60 years old. I’ll never forget the first Barbie I received for Christmas when the dolls hit the shelves. Upon doing some research I found that Barbie is a fashion
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Keep Smiling - Nana, it’s the police!

March 1, 2019 chris
By Rosie Preston It was several years ago when my three grandchildren were under the age of five. Even though it’s been a while, I decided to publish this story again because I frequently find myself transporting my great-grandchildren and often finding laughter filling my car. It’s amazing that in today’s world, I meet so
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