Need a new cleaning option? Vinegar is the ticket


By Rosie Preston

Many years ago, a great friend told me about some benefits of using vinegar around the house. It’s become is so useful that I buy three gallons at a time – one for the kitchen, one for the bathrooms and one for the laundry room.

When I owned a daycare center, a friend told me that after you clean your bathroom, put some vinegar in warm water and apply over everything. It takes away all odors and acts as an antiseptic, which kills germs.

I’ve also found that mopping any type of floor with vinegar mixed with detergent and water does not leave any type of streaks or scum on the surface.

While washing dirty dishes, mix equal parts of vinegar with Dawn detergent (just save an empty Dawn container). The dishwater will become very sudsy and easily cleans the grease. I always wash the sink afterwards and let the detergent sit a while.

It’s hard to believe but putting vinegar with water to rinse your hair leaves it so shiny (and the odor goes away when it dries)!

Adding vinegar along with the detergent to my wash seems to get out all stains. Dry your clothes wet a washcloth with some vinegar and the clothes will come out smelling fresh and also soft.

Clean your microwave by boiling a solution of one-third cup vinegar and one cup water in a small bowl. Let it boil and allow it to sit until it is cool. The steam from the vinegar water will remove any odors and soften any bake on food. Rinse with a wet sponge.

Clean the film residue off the inside of flower vases, decanters or other small neck bottles by pouring the container about one-fourth full of white vinegar. Add two tablespoons of white rice to shake and watch them sparkle. Happy cleaning, Rosie

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