A trip to Georgia, unscheduled pit stops and a temporarily missing couple

October 25, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott The George Wallace Senior Center’s 2019 Senior Apple Orchard Trip 2019 on Monday, Oct. 14, was a journey I will never forget. I should have braced myself when I caught at every red light from center. We prayed as a group first thing that morning for everyone to have a good trip
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Giving thanks and praise on Pastor Appreciation Day

October 18, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott Pastor Appreciation Day was held last Sunday, Oct. 13, at Lake Martin Baptist, the church that my mom attends. The church members presented their pastor with an envelope. Baptist pastors I have known will not grow rich in a worldly fashion, and whatever amount of money contained in that envelope is not
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My amazing Granny Dillard and the Retired Senior Volunteer Program

October 11, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott This past Saturday was a day of goofing off and playing around with my old articles that my mom had put in a scrapbook. Several ideas for book No. 2 have been swimming around in my head, and I was brainstorming which approach to take. In these old articles, I found one
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A creepy glass bridge, a first-time selfie and resisting a sales pitch

September 27, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott My husband Alan and I escaped life this past weekend by running away to Sevierville in Tennessee. I am not a fan of the busy life of big cities, but we have enjoyed Sevierville before, and it became our destination plan. When some of the George Wallace Senior Center ladies’ memories of
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Fun in the stands, sharing the love at Jack’s and searching for footwear

September 20, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott Last Saturday, my husband Alan and I backed out our driveway with plans to pick my mother up and take her to Auburn to find some shoes. She decided she is now an Alabama fan. I hope she can suffer through a trip to Auburn University, my alma mater, to buy shoes.
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Mixed emotions and happy reunions at a high school football game

September 13, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott I attended a high school football game last Friday night, and it took a bucket full of pride to swallow for me to be there. I had to do it to see my oldest grandchild, Ava, cheer with the little ones at halftime. I had not been back to this school since
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God in schools and the wisdom of children

September 6, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott Last Saturday, I was enjoying some conversation with my daughter-in-law Machi, and we were discussing God and our schools. I felt compelled to share some of my testimony with her. In doing so, I realized two things – God is powerful and so are children. My daughter Eva was between two and
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Becoming a sea turtle sister and searching for Sean Dietrich

September 3, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott Around 2017, my husband Alan and I went on a mission trip to the Bahamas with other members of Cove Creek Baptist Church in Glencoe. During this time, we built relationships with victims of both hurricanes and each other. Tammy Jones, who is the secretary and does the children’s ministry at Cove
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A three-hour car ride, Mimi on the Phone and treat negotiations

August 16, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott Starting last Saturday, it was that time of the year – “Nana Camp” time! I should call it “Nana and Poppa Camp.” My husband Alan took the week off work to share this momentous occasion, and I am very appreciative. My daughter is so nervous about us watching her kids. She suggested
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My first book, some sound senior advice and a very special mother

August 12, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott One obstacle after another kept happening until I decided to seek advice from our seniors and George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe. I had a dilemma about the presentation of my first published book, She Made a Difference, Anyway! A Tribute to My Mom, to my mother. I did not want to
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Anticipation, a patient husband and a book with my name on it

August 2, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott Today is the day my package of copies of my book are scheduled to arrive. As I sit at my front window facing the mailbox, I can see everyone who drives by. I checked my order online at least three times a day since July 15, and this morning the package left
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Bingo Day, a family emergency and extended wait on the phone

July 26, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott We are at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe on a Wednesday Bingo Day. Excitement is in the air. The phone rings and Pat answers it. The caller on the other end wants to speak to her husband.  Pat does not see him from where she is, so she puts the caller
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A surprise visit, Nana Camp attendees and a re-named dog

July 19, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott My grandchildren are so amazing that I could probably write about them every week. I hold my stories in my head for as long as I can but some of them are just too cute not to share. Even now I see evidence that Saylor Rhea and Tyler Kate were here last
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An unsuccessful Declaration of Independence from my manuscript

July 12, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott This Fourth of July did not bring me independence from the agony of finishing the publication process of my book. The George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe was closed the 4th and 5th of July for the celebration of our country’s independence. My husband Alan had to work on Friday, the 5th.
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Father’s Day, trampoline ingenuity and Ava Jaymes’ ultimatum

June 21, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott Right after work last Friday, Alan and I drove toward Dadeville with a trampoline that Alan won at an auction. He just had to get it to the grandkids! When we reached our destination, we unloaded and started assembling the trampoline parts. After some deliberation, we decided where to put the trampoline.
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Greeting A.W. Richardson and getting a handle on The Peabody

June 14, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott I suppose that loving to learn and having a good sense of humor are good characteristics when working at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe. The education I receive from our seniors is better than anything I ever learned in school. Our seniors keep my mind active and alert to what I
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Trying to get back in the senior center groove

June 7, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott Last Friday, I started back working at my old/new job as Center Manager at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe. I might have been a little excited, because I woke up at 1 a.m. The anticipation was excruciating. I was so nervous! About a year and a half had passed since I
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A whirlwind that turned into a cyclone

June 3, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott During this time of the year as grandparents, we’ve been burning up some highways this past week. It has been a joy and an honor to be able to do this. There have been several changes in the Scott house, and it has felt like a cyclone just passed through. Our son,
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Lack of a GPS and my first-ever speech in public

May 24, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott The day finally happened – my first public speech because of my articles! The honor is real, and I still can’t believe it. I love to talk and make people laugh, and Northeast Etowah Community Center made it happen. Thank you, Mary Grissom, for giving me this chance. It gives me great
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Food, fellowship and fine seasoning at Jack’s

May 17, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott I’m not saying that I eat at Jack’s every morning, but when I started out of the driveway yesterday morning with my husband Alan, my cell phone alerted me that the Jack’s that we were going to was 20 minutes away. How did the cell phone know which Jack’s we were going
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Bible study, dominoes and God’s purpose for us

May 10, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott My mom has days when she loves where she lives and some days when she does not. Making the decision to move her to assisted living was very difficult and emotional. On her bad days, I wonder if I made the right decision. Then, on her good days, I know that I
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Taking dreams to another level

May 3, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott Am I the only one who takes dreams to this level? There are certain dream triggers. I can’t predict them; they happen. One day while working at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe, center director Pat Hill ushered me outside to “show me something.” “Something” was a beautiful Roadtrek camper featuring all
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Easter Sunday at the Scotts and a compliment at the Waffle House

April 26, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott Easter is very humbling to me as I think about what Jesus endured on the cross because of His love for us. I can’t imagine how his mother and those people around that time who loved Him might have felt, watching helplessly and losing someone who loved them so much. In His
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I am blessed, I am blessed, I am blessed!

April 19, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott With the threat of severe weather, Cove Creek Baptist and other local churches cancelled morning church services this past Sunday. Incidentally, Lake Martin Baptist Church, where my mother attends, cancelled services as well. It is always better to err on the side of safety, but I missed morning worship miserably. Spending time
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A lack of communication and a mystery solved

April 12, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott About a month ago, my brother stopped calling me, cold turkey. That scared me because he is the one God has called to keep check on us and peace in our family. He is good at it and has the biggest heart in comparison to my baby brother and me. I thought
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A visitation, the three-legged dog and a pretend Oak Ridge Boy

April 5, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott One of our neighbors in Dadeville was laid to rest this past week. He will be missed. This gentleman was the same man who enlightened me on who Willie Golden was of the Oak Ridge Boys. The look on my face must have told on me when the man told me that
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Twelve Baskets Bakery - Sweet ladies and even sweeter treats

March 29, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott On several occasions while in route to George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe, I noticed a van parked across from Glencoe Elementary School. Because it was so close to the Glencoe Cumberland Presbyterian, at first I thought that the church was having a special catered meal or a bake sale or something
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Technology, or the lack thereof...

March 22, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott Technology is supposed to make life easier, but the acclamation to new technology is sometimes inconvenient for me.  I ordered some shoes from Amazon for my plantar fasciitis because I needed some relief and they were cute. There was no relief when I tried the shoes on, so I decided to return
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Many special memories of growing up in Beauregard

March 15, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott By the time you read this, I’m sure there will be so many instances of people meeting U.S. President Donald Trump and his family while they visited Beauregard. Regretfully, I didn’t get a chance to meet them, but I cannot even try to imagine what this community went through. I am not
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Getting to know the Etowah Baptist Missions Center

March 1, 2019 chris
By Vicki Scott I recently had the honor of helping a group of ladies from Cove Creek Baptist Church host a baby shower at the Etowah Baptist Missions Center in Gadsden. This was my first time visiting the center, and Ashley Baccus told me that since I showed up early, I could look around if
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