Ready for a diagnosis

January 21, 2021 chris
By Vicki Scott One of our senior volunteers at George Wallace Senior Center recently shared her complications with thyroid issues. The next day, another volunteer discussed issues with diabetes. Growing old ain’t for sissies, as I have heard one say. I have not been to a regular doctor since my husband Alan lost his job,
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Honkey tonkin’ on a Sunday morning

January 15, 2021 chris
By Vicki Scott Another weekend has come and gone, and the coronavirus is still creating hinderances in fellowship. Whether churches meet or not depends on incidents of the virus within. One of our residents at George Wallace Senior Center who is utilizing our Monday thru Friday curbside service during all this mayhem called me out
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The ultimate foot lifter

January 7, 2021 chris
By Vicki Scott Earlier this week I was looking at a framed quote that one precious and feisty lady made for me.  She told me to sit the quote on my desk where I work so I could see it all the time. Now that I think about it, she might have meant for me
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Learning to discover joy in the journey

December 30, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott We just experienced our first Christmas since I was born that my mother and father are celebrating without us. The Bible says that there are no more tears in heaven, but that is not the case here on earth. I feel so selfish in wanting to see my mother whole with everything
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Packages, I get packages

December 18, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott It is beginning to look like a COVID Christmas. Shopping has been minimal. If I did not make a gift, I ordered it online. I’ve become quite accustomed to the package delivery protocol of every place that delivers packages to me. If he does not see me running toward him when he
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Photo coloring books and a whole lot of nothing

December 10, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott Everyone in the Scott family has claimed to be finished with their Christmas shopping while I am still working on my first present. I do this every year. Why can I not just finish and move on to the next present? One present takes me months to finish to my satisfaction, or
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The Yai-Yai factor and photo equality

December 3, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott Christmas is just around the corner, and I’ve been steadily trying to get my act together. There are so many ideas running through my head. Most of my ideas have pictures of family members and are heartfelt, but I feel inadequate to Yai-Yai, my son Joseph’s mother-in-law and who can do everything!
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A hidden talent and a shrinking bladder

November 25, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott Thanksgiving is a time to count blessings, share fellowship and eat. When I first began thinking of what to share this year, I thought of my mother’s sister, Aunt Lynell. Upon my mother’s recent passing, it became more important than ever for Aunt Lynell to keep the family together. I saw my
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Riding the holiday rapids

November 19, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott About the middle of November is when I feel like I am still a teacher. Living through November to December is like going down a high waterfall while riding the rapids – you cannot stop because of all the activities going on. It seems to be over in five seconds then dead
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Another chapter in Nana’s book

November 13, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott Even with this pandemic, time is flying by. I thought I was ready to get this year over with, but I was wrong. The year ends with Christmas, and I always try to do something that requires a lot of thought and meaning. Not everything I do has meaning, but when it
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God certainly has great timing

November 6, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott Time with God in the morning is so important to me, and I pray I never stop getting up early for it. Early in the morning is when my mind is not going in a thousand different directions, and most of the time I remember things that have slipped my mind in
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New shoes and not-so-old Faye

October 30, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott Delbert McClinton is one of my husband Alan’s favorite singers. Last Sunday, he popped in one of Delbert’s CD’s on our way to eat lunch after church. The song “I Ain’t Old but I Been Around a Long Time” played, which reminded me of my weekend with Faye Moore. Faye is one
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Of fire pits and the 23rd Psalm

October 23, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott There is something about building a fire in a fire pit as the weather cools down outside. I’m one of those rare birds that loves cold weather, and fire pits is one of the reasons why. I sit there by Fred, a plastic skeleton who sits in my spot on the two-person
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A not-so-distant fire tower

October 16, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott Every day, at least one of our seniors at the George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe ask when the center will open back up. We do not know. I will tell you what we do know. We miss fellowship with our seniors, and we are on the edge of sanity as we
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2020 Nana & Pop Camp a success

October 9, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott This week’s article marks the end of another Nana Camp, an event that has been renamed Nana/Pop Camp. With two grandchildren, I’m apparently too old to run the camp alone. No one told me this, but no one had to. I praise God for Pop. As I write this column, it’s been
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Nana and Pop have got lots of plans

October 2, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott The beginning of our annual festivities for the Nana/Pop Camp will be this week. We’re still only doing two grandchildren at a time, but they are getting older. Every year, I gain even more respect for parents and grandparents in their child-raising endeavors, as one week of full-time care gives me a
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A new method of shopping

September 25, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott As I peel off another layer of my life, I feel the need to tell you how much I hate to shop. My co-workers at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe will share about their weekend with me on Mondays. The descriptions usually include a lot of shopping. There would a good
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Improvisation and Adaptation 101

September 18, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott This never-ending summer is rough on a hot flashy woman like me. I’ve thought about how nice it would be to vacation where ice castles are. After some research, I found that it might be something to only dream about right now. After missing our family get-together last year for Christmas due
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My mom is NOT out for the count

September 11, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott I’ve missed the many blessings I’d been taking for granted. Our church at Cove Creek Baptist announced plans to start Sunday School back. Regular school started back recently but not regularly. There have been changes to accommodate all the safety concerns. According to the Centers for Disease Control, death rates among seniors
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Around the world in 128 days

September 4, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott After much discussion this past week, my husband Alan recommended I write about planes, trains, and automobiles. As much as I want to get away from this corona virus pandemic, this is a good subject to explore. Our passports, which we applied for when we booked our anniversary cruise September 28, 2020,
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A purse-snatching grandbaby

August 28, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott One of our volunteers at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe had some tickets for sale for a fundraiser. For each ticket sold, we would get a meal and a chance for a gun. A winner for a gun would be drawn every three minutes from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. I
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It was great by the lake for us

August 21, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott I recently read where Glencoe is good place for people to retire. This news caused me to reminisce about some of the best years of my life.  This was a life loved down Herren Camp Road and a life my babies grew up in. My husband Alan and I were married only
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Having fun with quarantine bingo

August 14, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott Last Monday, I visited and delivered my last bingo prize for the week. When this pandemic started, I am not sure which activity at George Wallace Senior Center I missed most. After two weeks of isolation, I had bingo DTs. It was real, and a support group had to be formed. We
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Mask fashion and coordinating colors

August 7, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott My husband Alan and I were recently watching Am-erican Pickers. Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz buy the darndest things for a lot of money – signs, motorcycle parts, oil cans, old leather jackets and all kinds of junk were purchased, with excitement, by these guys. I wondered if one day – maybe
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Little tornadoes in the forecast

July 31, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott What a weekend! Saturday, July 25 was the day we were to celebrate my darling and patient husband Alan’s birthday. I planned to get our children and grandchildren together at our lake house on Lake Martin. I forgot that my hubby already had bought tickets to a concert in Chattanooga. When reminded,
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Pastor David’s harassing opportunity and a bad case of the quarantine blues

July 24, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott I am changing my focus today to a funny situation that happened amid everything. It was a nice break from the turmoil that I was consuming myself with. The Bible says to focus on what is good, and I was not doing a good job doing what the Bible said. I understand
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To cruise or not to cruise?

July 17, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott Due to this coronavirus, our long-awaited cruise was recently cancelled. We thought the cruise was booked far enough ahead as not to be affected by the quarantine. As the days neared for our embarkation date, the continued threat of the coronavirus kept my attention. Our first cruise was for our honeymoon almost
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Eight wonderful years so far!

July 10, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott This Fourth of July marked eight years of us calling the area of Glencoe home. We moved here with the intention of moving back in about a year. Our plans were off by a few years, so I guess God had other plans. It takes us a while to see everything. My
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Stickers in limbo and a spicy mom

July 2, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott Another project recently invaded my mind, and I was inspired to use the other three members of our Golden Girls team to do yet another creative mission at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe. The inspiration took place during my time with God, which is first thing in the morning. I was
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Perseverance, protective puppy dogs and a revelation at Independence Field

June 26, 2020 chris
By Vicki Scott I have always heard it said that you never know who is watching you. What a burden to carry when someone is trying to be a Christian in every aspect of life. That idea spoke loudly to me during the season in my life when our children were growing up. It relates
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