Vicki’s Verbage – Some (don’t) like it hot


By Vicki Scott

It is that time of year again when it is so hot that it feels like an oven when I walk out of our house. So, instead of going outside, I sit at the table doing a puzzle that should take all summer to finish. From my vantage point, I can see people swimming in the lake, riding in a boat, kayaking or just relaxing on a float. To those who love the heat, enjoy. I am a winter person, and this current heat wave is rough on me.

My husband Alan and I have not been to as many of our eldest granddaughters’ softball games this year because of the temperatures. Last year at about this time, we went to a travel tournament in Foley. The torturous heat gave me and our daughter-in-law’s father a coughing fit. I am better, but I still have trouble clearing my throat. Our daughter-in-law’s father went to the doctor right after they got home and was diagnosed with an infection. He is better now.

Ava plays in travel softball ball tournaments, which translates to year-round games. Alan put a stop to us going to every game. Our son Joseph suggested we keep our youngest granddaughter, Addie, while they go to the games. We did that a while, but somehow that fell through. We do not know why, and we still do not go to every game.

This past Saturday, Joseph wanted to ride with us to see Ava’s last game of the season, so we waited for him to get off work before leaving. Joseph could not get off work until around 1 p.m., but we managed to make the hour and 15-minute drive in time for the game. In the short time we were at the game, the heat was brutal. I had one of those around-the-neck fans that helped a little, but my clothes were soaked with sweat.

When the game was over, we helped our daughter-in-law’s family break everything down and put the gear into their wagon. They had everything from battery-controlled fans and coolers to chairs, complete with a huge canopy to provide shade. When we got back our car, Addie could not find one of her toys and had a meltdown. As we started back to the field to find said toy, someone yelled out that they had found it. Thank goodness!

The high heat does not seem to bother the younger ones as much, but as I think back, heat has always been unbearable to me. The only way I can stand it is to stay in the water, but I cannot even do that with all of the red flags and rip tides. I often use that as an excuse, but to be honest, I have no plans to go to the beach anytime soon. If I can go anywhere, it is the mountains for me.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to finish this puzzle inside an air-conditioned house while watching people who are able enjoying the heat. I’m just waiting for my favorite season, because right now, this puzzle is about to do me in.

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