A cat woman with two dogs…


By Vicki Scott

Last Sunday was a reminder that preparations needed to be made for my adventures at George Wallace Seniors Center on Monday. I also set goals to watch Pastor David Bankson from Cove Creek Baptist Church present the message, wash my dog and write this article.
My husband Alan and our dogs, however, were not aware of said goals.
I asked Alan to put water in one of the small pools we use with our grandchildren during Nana and Pop Camp. I figured that the water would warm up as the day grew hotter.
We watched Alan’s brother Steve teach a Sunday School lesson from his church; well, my husband watched and I listened in. I did not even know that Steve taught Sunday School. With this coronavirus, several people have presented the gospel online, and it has been a blessing to be able to see as many presentations as possible. We have been able to listen to some of our former pastors and friends as they share God’s Word.
After listening to Steve, it was time to tune in to Pastor David. The program began with praise and worship from some talented musicians. Cove Creek members were texting through the live stream and expressing how much we missed each other and praying that we could all be together soon. Even online, I felt that sweet Holy Spirit – not just through the music and the message but through the church members that I miss so much.
When church online finished, Alan wanted to eat at Jimmy Johns. We always go out to eat somewhere after church, and this practice has not changed during the current pandemic. For the past three weeks, we have gone to Jimmy Johns in Jacksonville.
As soon as Alan suggested Jimmy Johns, I was outside ready to ride. I did not even comb my hair! We traveled to Jimmy Johns in Jacksonville, rode through the drive-thru, traveled back home and ate. It was amazing – I was already dreaming about next week’s trip!
While I was dreaming, Alan challenged me to go to Noccalula Falls and walk on the suspension bridge. I was ready for a nap, so I took a raincheck.
After my nap, I went outside, and I cannot go outside without our border collie Sandy (who looks like a yellow lab) wanting a walk. Dogs are more demanding than cats, so I retrieved Sandy’s leash and walked a couple of rounds. She demanded a treat when we finished so I went inside to find her a treat.
Faye Moore, my neighbor, co-worker and fellow dog lover, told me that if I wash my dogs, their undercoat will just fall off. I set a chair next to the kiddie pool armed with a squirt bottle, conditioner and a towel. Reba, our border collie that actually looks like a border collie, was first to be tested for this fall-out maneuver. I washed and scrubbed her and asked Alan to bring me a brush to loosen her undercoat. Reba has long hair, and the last time we washed her, enough hair came out to clump up and make her look matted. This time, little to nothing came out.
During all this time, Sandy was watching. She did not like getting a bath, whereas Reba did. When I was finished with Reba, I put Sandy in the water. Sandy has short hair, and a lot of her undercoat came out. It took a while, but that goal was accomplished!
Writing this week’s article seemed to be difficult because of my procrastination, but when I figured out what to write, it came easier. Through determination and overcoming obstacles, I praise God that my Sunday goals were accomplished! My next goal is Noccalula Falls with my husband.
I am yearning for the day I can hug our seniors and church people. I love y’all! Stay safe!

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