A new method of shopping


By Vicki Scott

As I peel off another layer of my life, I feel the need to tell you how much I hate to shop.

My co-workers at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe will share about their weekend with me on Mondays. The descriptions usually include a lot of shopping. There would a good sale or a fabulous find that never sparks enough interest in me to make me want to shop. For many years now, I’ve expressed the point of wanting to hire someone to do my shopping for me if I was rich. 

One day, Deidre Howard, one of my coworkers at the center, showed me a video of her granddaughter, Kate. Kate emphasized the point that even though she is being home-schooled, she still wanted to look good. Kate was given a service for her birthday, one that picks clothes for her and sends them to her. Kate can then send back what she does not want for free. She modeled all her package contents on what looked like an advertising video. Kate was so cute, and she did such a good job.

I asked Deidre several times on how old Kate was, only to find out she was 10! My thoughts were that if a 10-year-old could do this, so could I.

After searching and finding the phone app that Kate used, I answered a series of questions and chose how often I wanted to be sent clothes. Voila – I now have an app that chooses my clothes!  I was so excited that I even showed my daughter Eva and my daughter-in-law Machi the video of Kate and requested that they fill out questionnaires on my app for my grandchildren. When I wrote in last week’s article about being ready for Christmas, I was not kidding. I have Christmas on the brain, and I think this app would make an awesome Christmas present.

The problem was of how my husband Alan learned of my endeavors. My first shipment was due September 15. I was not home when it arrived, but he was. The USPS person honked the horn, and Alan went to see what had arrived, which turned out to be an opened and empty box. The box was refused.

Upon learning what happen when I returned home, I emailed the company. Alan wanted to know if I ordered an empty box, and I told him I did not. Of course, I then had to explain my plan. Alan is still looking for empty boxes to sell me.

The next day, I informed my co-workers about what happened and told them what I did. They found the phone number of customer service and urged me to call. I knew that the company would take care of it and I had things on my plate that I was more concerned with, but I called anyway. The company is sending me another shipment due to arrive this week. The company also lessened my costs for my inconvenience. I’m so glad that my co-workers made me call!

So far, I still have a good feeling about my shipment, all because of Kate. Thank you, Kate, for doing that video, and thanks to Deidre for showing it to me.

Do you think Kate could do one with grocery delivery? I’ve seen some apps that send you fresh ingredients for gourmet meals, but I am a little gun shy, so I need help!  Y’all stay safe! 

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