A purse-snatching grandbaby


By Vicki Scott

One of our volunteers at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe had some tickets for sale for a fundraiser. For each ticket sold, we would get a meal and a chance for a gun. A winner for a gun would be drawn every three minutes from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. I just knew my husband Alan would love this kind of event. One of my co-workers, Faye Moore, purchased a ticket as well.

When the weekend event drew near, there was a concert in Dadeville that Alan wanted to attend. Every event so far has required masks to be worn until we sit down in a well-spaced out spot. If we get up, we put our mask back on. Dadeville basically followed the same rules.

We found our spot and enjoyed band, Todd and the Tone-Deaf Hobos, while they played some old songs. A former teacher who attended the concert had a well-trained border collie with him.  The dog would not even look at anyone else unless its owner instructed her to do so. She stayed right with him. I was impressed. She looked a lot like our dog, Reba. My little diva, however, is not well-trained. She pretty much does what she wants and looks me in the eye while she does it.

Before the concert, an em-ployee from the place my mother is living called and informed me that my mom wanted to see me. I had just visited her, but I could not bear declining an invitation to see my mother when she calls. We decided to leave earlier than planned the morning after the concert so we could stop by and check on my mom on our way to the fundraiser.

Alan and I spent the night at our lake house with our son, his wife and our two grandchildren.

They are always welcoming, and it is difficult to leave them, especially when my namesake Addison Victoria is holding her arms up for me to pick her up, only to grab the strap of my purse on my shoulder and snatch it off. Addison Victoria recently started walking, and that alone is more entertaining than any concert.

Sweet Ava Jaymes is reading now and wanted to read me a book, but she left it at school. I told her that she could read to me next time. She found a toy that she gave me in my overnight bag and wanted to know if I played with it. I explained that I take the toy with me everywhere and that was the reason it was in my bag. I listed the other gifts she made me or gave me, and I enjoyed watching her face light up as I explained where everything was.

My son and daughter-in-law were cooking supper and doing their own thing, so we left for the concert. The “grands” were asleep when we returned from the concert, but we were able to visit a few minutes before we left to visit my mother.

My mother did not remember asking for me to visit her, but I did. She said it was a miracle that I was there. I was just at the facility the day before, but she did not remember, and I did not remind her. I wanted to hold her in my arms, but there was a window between us. She had a happy tone as she talked for a while, and I did my best to act like I understood what she was talking about.

My mom was done a few minutes later and asked where the people were that was going to come get her. She seemed happy, and I could listen to her all day and not get upset if she is happy. I praise God that she was happy, and I pray for all the workers involved in caring for her and other quarantined residents. I pray for the residents too. The next visitor was waiting to visit his love one, so Alan and I headed for the gun drawing.

If my darling husband Alan had not been so excited and talking to me during the whole hour and a half drive, I might have gotten a nap during the ride. I would say that I’m too old for the concert life but I’m hanging on, if I can. Alan gave me his phone as we neared the destination and I accidently directed us to the mall. We were running late, but Alan always has time to tease me when I mess up – nice guy. We finally arrived at a location that had chains on the doors.

After a call to our volunteer, I realized we were at the wrong place – the event was in Irondale, and we could not make it in time. I had asked Faye at work on Friday if she was attending the event, and she said she was. I hope she did not travel all the way to Irondale by herself. While we were leaving the area, I thought we would go to a place that sold go-carts since I’m planning Nana-Pop Camp with our grands.

The place looked closed. Online, it showed the place closing at 12 p.m., and it was 12:15. For some reason, Alan was still in excited mode and kept giving me a hard time about the mall – nice guy. What a day!

We decided to go to Sam’s. I sent Alan off to shop on his own, and every time I turned around, he was beside me and asking me what I was looking at. We finished shopping and headed home.  I was done and ready to call it a day. Alan and Sandy (our border collie that looks like a yellow lab) wanted to walk, so I sent them on their way and took a nap.

We did not get a phone call, so I guess that a drawing every three minutes for two hours was not be enough for us to win a gun. No food and no gun, but we still had a lot of fun. I am not too old – I am not!

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