Another chapter in Nana’s book


By Vicki Scott

Even with this pandemic, time is flying by. I thought I was ready to get this year over with, but I was wrong. The year ends with Christmas, and I always try to do something that requires a lot of thought and meaning. Not everything I do has meaning, but when it does, my heart and soul goes into whatever I do.

Every year until 2018, when the Scott world went into a cyclone, I would do a family calendar for each family. I have been trying to do one for this year, but it has been frustrating. I try to put the same number of pictures of each child, each year adding spouses and grandchildren. Each person’s birthday month must have his or her birthday picture on it. May gets tricky, with most of our birthdays landing on that month. I love to have inspiring quotes on each month as well. I’m not giving up yet for this year’s calendars, but I’ve thought about it. Our children have acknowledged not getting a calendar the past two Christmases, and that keeps me going.

One year, I put together a laminated photo album for our first grandchild, Saylor Rhea. She still gets the album out and looks at it. She calls it “Nana’s Book.” We’ve spent time under her pink tent looking at it, and it was her choice, too. I did not even suggest it. Her sister Tyler Kate has joined in on our tent time. I do not see how anything I have ever done could be appreciated like the way Saylor Rhea – and now Tyler Kate – appreciate Nana’s Book. It inspires me to keep trying for the same effect. At age 2 and 4, I know they mean it. With adults, it is hard to tell.

Last year, I had tee shirts made from some artwork by a dear friend, praise God, and I was so excited I could not wait until Christmas to give them out. We gave them out at a Thanksgiving get together and planned to wear them at our Christmas Eve dinner, which was cancelled at the Scott house because our home was contaminated with the flu. I still look at the pictures each family sent me with their tee shirts on. My daughter invited us to their home and cooked for us.  Everyone said they plan to wear their shirts this year. The process of getting these shirts made was like having a fish on the line; so exciting!

Speaking of a fish on the line, I have an idea brewing, and the excitement is rising. After all the winds of the past two years’ cyclone, I praise God for my current frame of mind. I just pray that the pictures in my head comes to reality. If it is God’s will, it will happen. If it is not, the process has been awesome, and I have learned so much as with my other projects. The only problem is my time. It is sneaking up on me, but my heart is on fire!

Stay safe, y’all! 

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