Appreciating nature’s soundtrack


By Vicki Scott

It was a morning like most every morning.

I was leaving my home for my next adventure at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe. There was some tension in our minds concerning our seniors getting fed through all the corona virus chaos.

Then I heard the birds.

My mind flashed back to the short sermonette I heard from Pastor Roger Kendrick. He was live streaming on Facebook from his backyard and quoting Psalms from the Bible while birds were singing in the background.

It was a very inspiring message from both Pastor Roger and the birds.

Let me back up a few years when I taught junior high at Chambers Academy in Lafayette. One of my students knew a missionary name Pastor Bogey, who had been to Haiti numerous times either for weeks or months. I don’t remember Pastor Bogey’s first name or if that actually was his first name. I do remember asking him if it was his real name or a nickname.

After a while, Pastor Bogey asked me if I had a problem with his name. Thankfully, he had a good sense of humor. I was just intrigued. It was such a unique name to me, so unique that I remembered it.

I also remember something Pastor Bogey said about Haiti. The whole time he did mission work in Haiti, he never saw a bird fly by, because there was no vegetation to attract them. On the other side of the island, which is the Dominican Republic, there was beautiful grass and birds.
Birds are mentioned in God’s Word many times, but my mind drifted to the song, “His Eye is on the Sparrow” which kept playing in my head. Matthew 10:29 says that not one sparrow falls to the ground without God knowing it. When I hear a bird sing, I am reminded of God’s presence. His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He is watching me.

One time I sat outside in a swing talking on the phone to my daughter, who told me that she could not hear what I was saying because the birds in our yard were so loud.

I just laughed. She understood after I shared with her what Pastor Bogey told me. We just stopped a moment and enjoyed the music.
With all the chaos and concerns, I praise God for the birds to remind me of His presence in this, our “One Nation Under God.” Prayers are lifted for everyone affected by this pandemic. I know we will treasure our time we’ve had with families.

Take time to listen to listen for the birds and stay safe, y’all!

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