Business Spotlight: Touched By Grace Massage Therapy


Describe how your business began.

I have been receiving massage for 20 plus years. I was an accountant for about 34 years and a single mother of two for most of that time. Unfortunately, I lived with an enormous amount of stress in my life, as most of us do these days. I was performing with the local theater group and was fortunate to meet a massage therapist who was also part of the cast. She touched my shoulders once and the rest is history. I was always the person who rubbed fellow workers shoulders or friends who complained with headaches. As the years rolled on, my massage therapist and I became great friends and dreamed of a day when we might open a place together. I planned to go to school and get my credentials when I got my children raised and could afford to return to school. I also needed insurance and a steady paycheck with children, so it seemed like it might never happen. I had almost given up when the Lord gave me a great opportunity. I am now married and my children are adults. I got a call from the staff of the massage program a little over five years ago that they would be doing night classes. That was it! The Lord was moving and this was my opportunity. I worked my full-time job during the day and my nights were spent in the classroom to achieve my goals. It was a long year but very much worth the sacrifice!

What inspired you to create Touched By Grace?

Jesus, of course!! I had complained for years that I wanted to do hands on ministry work, while accounting does help further the Kingdom in my opinion. I could minister to coworkers, but I wanted to be making a huge difference for God. Helping people with pain and giving them a place to relax and feel His Presence was perfect!

What inspired the name Touched By Grace?

I wanted everyone to know that my business is based on the One True Healer, Jesus Christ. Some people think my name is Grace and it is a play on words. That gives me the perfect opportunity to witness of the goodness of God. I pray over my clients as I work on them, and He even guides my hands at times to where they have a problem. The biggest reason is I have been radically changed by the touch of God and His marvelous Grace and I want to pass that along to my clients because His touch is the very best!

How long have you been established in Gadsden?

I opened in 2016 at the Factory, upstairs above their corporate office. It was a weird combination and I was hesitate at first, but after visiting my husband and I prayed about it and He said that was the place. I am tucked away from the world and it is perfect!

What services do you offer?

I of course offer Swedish, Deep Tissue and Hot Stones, but I have continued my education in the hopes of covering the problems that plaque so many of us. I am certified in Sciatic treatment, the disorder of the TMJ joint of the jaw, Raindrop Technique (a Young Living Oil exclusive), Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Table Stretching and Foam Rolling. 

What differs Touched By Grace from other massage therapy businesses?

I believe that God makes the difference. I started this business to give Him glory and share my faith as I work on my clients. I have made Him the focus and I think that is what makes me different.

What do customers gain from visiting Touched By Grace?

Peace, healing, and the knowledge that I truly care about them and their health. Some might leave a little sore, but in the long run it is going to help them and their health. I like a nice firm massage with deep pressure, and when my massage therapist closed to raise her children, I looked all over Gadsden for that deep pressure and could not find it. I wanted to offer that to those like myself who need therapeutic healing.

Describe the health benefits of massage therapy.

Massage helps circulation, immune system and digestion. Massage can reduce stress levels, improve your sleep, reduce or alleviate pain, lower your blood pressure and enhance your overall immune health. Not to mention, it feels great and rejuvenates your body!

Are there any current restrictions due to COVID-19?

Of course, if you are not feeling well you might not want to get a massage, but that is nothing new. You should never get a massage if you have a fever or you are not feeling well. Massage increases your circulation, so it could spread an infection or worsen sickness. I already had strict cleaning guidelines because of the nature of the service that I provide, and I have always put time between clients in case someone needs a little extra attention during a session. I am of course being extra cautious now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I wear a mask and that is definitely a new thing.

How did you become interested in ma-ssage therapy?

I became interested by receiving it for so many years and knowing the true benefits for myself. I feel like it helps me to understand more of what my clients need and how to provide a service that is beneficial to them because of the years that I received massage to help with my stress and pain.

What do you enjoy the most about running your business?

Making a connection with my clients and being a part of their lives, even if it is for one session, is what I enjoy the most. To be able to help someone relax and be able to get away from the world for just one hour is amazing. To be able to form a relationship and give continued help and wellness is a bonus! To know that the Lord is here with me daily and I am spreading His love has been my life’s desire, so you could say I am living my dream!

If someone is interesting in scheduling an appointment, how do they contact you?

The very best way is to text me at 256-504-4194. You can call, but I am in and out of massage and I normally cannot answer the phone. I can however shoot out a quick text and I also will have your information and request in writing with a text.

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