Father’s Day, trampoline ingenuity and Ava Jaymes’ ultimatum


By Vicki Scott

Right after work last Friday, Alan and I drove toward Dadeville with a trampoline that Alan won at an auction. He just had to get it to the grandkids!

When we reached our destination, we unloaded and started assembling the trampoline parts. After some deliberation, we decided where to put the trampoline. We were very excited, until we reached the point of putting on the springs. Just before we got to the springs, however, our son-in-law Trey offered to help. That was a good thing, because it took all three of us to do it.  Alan pulled on the right side of me, holding the metal triangle steady for me to hook, while Trey pulled on the left side at the same time that Alan pulled. I held the spring and hooked it when they pulled close enough. We anchored in, pulled hard and hooked. It worked for a little while.  It got to a point where we had to take a break. Determined to finish, we pulled on.

Alan had an idea. He pulled the spring hook with a screwdriver, maneuvered it into the triangle like a pulley and then went forward with the handle of the screwdriver. The hook slid down and latched!

After our jaws dropped, Alan and Trey latched all the hooks and had the trampoline ready to jump on! I was dripping sweat and praising God. I’m sure the directions explained this technique, but “someone” claimed he did not need directions.

We finished assembling the trampoline with a few screws left, along with something that I was not sure what it was. With danger warnings sewn on every available space along with the fact that no directions were used, I had to test the trampoline. As a grandmother, it was my obligation. Unlike me, it worked perfectly. I don’t know why I do this to myself. By the time we left, everyone – including my husband – had jumped. Trampolines are so much fun. I have new aches and pains, but it was fun!
It was afternoon when we left and prepared to meet the rest of the Scott entourage at Niffer’s Restaurant for food and fellowship. We always treasure the times when our whole family can get together. They all planned this get-together for Father’s Day for their amazing daddy that I have been blessed to call my husband. I just quietly watched as I admired the blessings that God allowed me to enjoy. Alan kept asking me what was wrong because I’m never quiet, but nothing was wrong.

We sat on the deck of the restaurant where the kids could play and not bother anyone. We knew the waitress, as she and our children grew up together. Niffer’s has big toys outside the restaurant to help occupy the kids. Trey pulled one of them close to where we sat so we could watch them.  After a while, our oldest granddaughter Ava Jaymes came and sat down for a few minutes.  Saylor Rhea, our second granddaughter, was still playing on the toy until several kids came up and took it over. Saylor Rhea came to sit down and told her mom what happened. Ava Jaymes jumped up and promptly went over to that group of kids and firmly told them that her cousin Saylor was playing on that toy and they would have to share. Ava Jaymes was smaller and younger than the other kids but she didn’t care. She stood there a moment to let them know that she meant what she said, and they backed down and left! Our jaws dropped again! We were so proud of her and we talked about it several times that evening.

Our clan convened at our lake house after dinner for some of Alan’s favorite dessert – cherry pie with ice cream. We enjoyed some more fellowship before leaving for Glencoe with love-filled hearts and full bellies. God is awesome!

On Father’s Day last Sunday, Alan and I were back home and looking forward to church. Once church dismissed, we went to eat at Hungry Hut in Glencoe. I told Alan to remind me to get some ice cream later to make milkshakes on Monday at the George Wallace Senior Center.  Alan not only reminded me, he went with me. I soon found out why.

Alan must have thought it was his birthday or something. I would be looking for something and turn around, only to find him gone. I eventually found him picking out snacks in several places in the store. I don’t know who told him to do that. I just wanted stuff to make milkshakes with. Alan chose some ice cream for himself, too. He had so much fun, and I enjoyed it as well. Alan is so funny when he is on a mission like that!

Building trampolines, enjoying family, eating and shopping for food – t doesn’t get any better than that. Knowing that we can’t get together as often as we would like to, I treasure those times.

I pray that all the other fathers had a blessed weekend. I think Alan’s Father Day was pretty good. I know I enjoyed it.

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