Gadsden doctor releases first novel


Dr. Adam Kirstein, a Gadsden transplant, just celebrated the debut of his first novel on bookshelves worldwide.

The arrival of New Haven marks a monumental achievement for Kirstein, whose childhood dream resided in publishing his personal work and holding one of his own books in his hands. The fulfillment of that dream is New Haven, a project Kirstein is immensely grateful to finally share with the public.

“Since I was a kid, I’ve been writing stories,” Kirstein said. “It feels like a dream come true to actually publish something – it feels amazing. I am immensely proud of this story.”

New Haven follows the lives of James and Sybil, a couple living in a futuristic settlement known as the novel’s namesake, New Haven. New Haven – which was once Manhattan – has been infiltrated and taken over by “The Regiment.” A manipulative party with a thirst for control, The Regiment hides behind a false facade of peace, formulating the idea that they are benevolent suppliers of happiness, all while its power-obsessed leaders fuel corruption and dominating agendas. As James himself climbs the ranks of leadership within New Haven, he draws closer and closer to unveiling the mask of The Regiment and discovering their secret ulterior motive that lurks beneath the surface.

“I think most people underestimate the amount of control and influence they are exposed to on a daily basis,” Kirstein said. “New Haven is more-so a glimpse into the future, if things continue on this current manipulative trajectory. With this book, I wanted to show where lies lead us.”

Kirstein hopes that readers gain a deeper understanding from their experience with New Haven, enhancing their perspectives.

“Readers can expect a thrilling and inventive story about things that are relatable in today’s society…” Kirstein said. “They can expect interesting character arcs, and [as they progress in the novel] will struggle to say whether they like or hate certain characters. I think overall it’s a fun and engaging story that should teach you something about the world and human behavior.”

New Haven is available as an E-Book for Kindle unlimited users, as well as in paperback and hardcover via Amazon.

Kirstein, who is originally from Florida, resides in Gadsden with his wife Alena and two cats, Boots and Sansa.

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