God in schools and the wisdom of children


By Vicki Scott

Last Saturday, I was enjoying some conversation with my daughter-in-law Machi, and we were discussing God and our schools. I felt compelled to share some of my testimony with her. In doing so, I realized two things – God is powerful and so are children.

My daughter Eva was between two and a half to three years old, and my son Joseph was just a few months old when I came to learn about God. A neighbor invited me to take Eva to Vacation Bible School. The first VBS took only school-aged children. This was very disappointing because I feel that children learn much earlier. My neighbor invited me to another church VBS. I took my daughter but kept Joseph with me because he had colic.

When we returned home after one of those VBS days, Eva was coloring with another neighbor’s child, Brittney. I witnessed Eva pointing at a little girl and telling her friend that it was Jesus.

Brittney said that it was not Jesus but a little girl. Eva said that is was Jesus, because Jesus is love.

I decided then and there that I needed not only to take my children to church but learn right along beside them. My husband Alan was already a Christian and very knowledgeable when discussing the Bible. God used our baby girl to lead us and my husband to teach us.

Machi was concerned about people hearing about God at school. I told her how Eva invited people to church at school. Once, one of Eva’s classmates walked up to me and said that she wanted to go to church but her mother would not take her. I confronted her mother, and she started taking her child to church. As a former teacher, I noticed that students who are Christians let Jesus shine and show little or no doubt where they stand.

However, school is not where I came to my senses and started yearning for more knowledge about the Lord. God used many people – my husband, my daughter, my son and my neighbor, along with many others. If students are not allowed to bring bibles to school, that is even more reason to learn what the Bible says where they can teach their friends and classmates. The faculty and staff are forbidden, but that just makes things more biblical – “a child shall lead them.” A child led me.

It would be nice if the Gospel was taught in all schools as a formal class, but when it is not, it does not mean God is taken out of our schools. People are not that powerful. God is still in the schools. He is there through every Christian who walks through that door and letting Jesus shine through them. People who witness these kinds of Christians do not have to be told about God – they experience Him from a Christian perspective.

Let your light shine, y’all! He is real and is not confined to church and is not confined to adults.  God uses children, and I praise Him that He used mine.

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