God’s Word revealed – Bogus preachers and false teachers


By John Larkins

The most reprehensible destructive forces endangering our souls today are the false teachers who begin their lessons by saying, “This is what the church teaches.” Jesus directed the apostles to go and teach the nations as He had taught them. He even said, “I send you as the Father sent Me.” That, my friends, is a mighty tall order! Remember these men had not yet written the New Testament. It was compiled several hundred years later by the Catholic Church gathering in all the carefully reviewed and examined writings from the many Catholic churches at that time.

The important point is that a valid church teaching has a biblical basis. When one of these egotistical teachers spouts off about what he thinks is God’s teaching, no reference is even made to the source of the truth, which is God, if it is true. The crime is that since God is not shown to be the source, everyone on earth immediately concludes they have the right to make their own ruling. Often this line of thinking, both from the teacher and the poor soul, is actually contrary to the Bible! Forgive me for noting that this is not the “Bible Belt.” Of course, we know the Church is “the pillar and foundation of truth” (1Timothy 3:15), but that is mainly because those serving the Church apply God’s biblical instructions.

Hardly anyone today seems to have any concept of the Ten Commandments or Bible teachings. How could we be in a crisis of mutilating children’s bodies surgically and damaging their minds with drugs to change their sex as God created them, if we acknowledged this contradicts God’s revelation through Paul? Romans 1:25-27 and others. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Those ancient people were judged guilty by God, even though we have no clear evidence they were warned of their sin. God evidently holds that homosexuality is so obviously a sin that their inner feelings would have stopped them. There are even lying news commentators who have the temerity to say this area of teaching is not the church’s domain!

We have surrendered the U.S. Constitution and now the Bible. Where is truth? Whenever the Pope or any other teacher describes Jesus Christ’s teaching to the apostles as simply “what the Church teaches,” every pagan media person feels empowered to say, “Well, modern times require that we update and ignore church teaching.”

I freely admit that the pagans and heretics boast at belittling Jesus, but we cannot. This particular issue is far more devastating than just costing us our souls. Men converted to women athletes dominate sports and frustrate actual women. Either sex, converted, cannot fulfill the destiny God prepared for us by “being fruitful and multiplying.” Thus, the souls He is preparing for available human bodies never have a chance to be born. These gay marriages are sometimes furnished adopted children. What values do you suppose they are taught? We know where truth is. Jesus told us, “I am the Way and the truth.”

Please study Jesus’s words about Communion. He says, “Unless you eat my body and drink my blood, you have no life within you.” Some of Jesus’s followers left in disbelief. He turned to the apostles and asked them directly, “Are you going to leave also? Then Simon Peter answered Him, ‘Lord where shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life.’” (John 6:68)

Where should we go?

For the past 15 years, John Larkins has evangelized on the street, door-to-door, in tent revivals and in church situations. Contact him at johnlarkins@bellsouth.net.

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