Inspiration from God’s Word – Assurances of our God


By Toni Ford

In my reading of the Word, I recently came across Psalm 93. I had never before noticed the beauty and boldness of this psalm. This hymn, perhaps written by a Levite, presents three truths or assurances about our Lord that are never changing. Based on all the current events going on in our world, I found myself going back to this psalm on a regular basis. The truths helped bring peace and an even greater faith in my God.

God will never be defeated. No matter what happens to human rulers on earth, the throne in heaven is safe and secure and will never be defeated! Psalm 93: 1-2 (NLT) says, “The world stands firm and cannot be shaken. Your throne, O Lord, has stood from time immemorial.”

God is greater than our circumstances. Psalm 93: 3-4 (NLT) says, “The floods have risen up, O Lord. The floods have roared like thunder; the floods have lifted their pounding waves. But mightier than the violent raging of the seas, mightier than the breakers on the shore, the Lord above is mightier than these!” Currently, our country and our world is experiencing stronger and more violent hurricanes, earthquakes and fires like never before. This verse reminds me that there is no act of nature or situation on this earth that is mightier than our God!

God will always keep His Word. Psalm 93: 5 (NLT) says, “Your royal laws cannot be changed. Your reign, O Lord, is holy forever and ever.” The truth of what is going on in this world around us is not found in the news but rather in the Word of God. In this world, it is hard to find anything that is trustworthy but we can always count on our Lord’s promises to His children. Those will never change or be diminished, because our God will always keep His Word!

Therefore, I encourage each of us to focus on the assurances of our God rather than the threats around you. He alone is our peace, our comfort and our strength. May you be encouraged this week as you read Psalm 93 and rest in the assurances of who God is.

Lord, today I thank you even more for your faithfulness towards me. Thank you for always keeping your promises, for being greater than anything I face in life and for being King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Hide me in the promises and comfort of your Word today.

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