Inspiration from God’s Word – From the very beginning


By Toni Ford

The very first words in the Bible begin with, “In the beginning God, created the heavens and the earth,” (Genesis 1:1). I am not sure if you have ever read the creation story in Genesis chapter 1, but it is a beautiful story about the heart and love of God for His people. Genesis 1:2 continues by saying, “The earth was formless and empty.” God, however, took something that was formless, empty and void and created a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! Part of that masterpiece includes the way God went about creating the earth and everything on the earth. The first three days, God created light, air, water, land and vegetation. On the last three days, God created the sun, moon, stars, birds, fish, animals and humankind. How remarkable that on the first three days, God formed the earth and then the following three days God filled what He had formed. He capped off His creation by resting on the seventh day from all His work. Thus, from hence we get the word “Sabbath.”

Throughout the creation story, we see God bringing order, beauty and harmony to a chaotic situation. I can’t help but believe that the same God who brought about and created order, beauty and harmony to this earth also wants these same characteristics to be prevalent in our own lives today. Therefore, I believe it is important for each of us to stop and ask ourselves the following questions:

Where in my life do I need more of His beauty? This could mean simply slowing down and enjoying the beauty He has created. Or it could mean I am insecure with myself in a particular area and I have listened more to what the world says about me rather than listening to Christ and what He says about me. I need to be reminded that God created me in His image, which means that my identity is in Him and not what the world says about me.

Where in my life do I need more order? Is there chaos in my home, my work place, or even in my inner thoughts that need order? When there is chaos, there is no peace, so where in my life do I need more peace?

Where in my life do I need harmony? Is there a particular relationship or family situation that needs to be healed?

I pray that we would slow down and ask ourselves these questions, knowing and believing that the same God that created beauty, order and harmony from the very beginning of time desires for us to have these same characteristics in our lives today.

Thank you, Lord, for loving us and for helping each of us bring back beauty, order and harmony into our lives, just like you created from the beginning. 

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