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By Rosie Preston

During my senior years, I admit that I often wake to shocking news when I turn on the TV. When this happens, your perspective changes in what you may have believed in all of your life. So many situations are slapping us right where it hurts, our hearts and our daily lives! I sometimes wonder each morning of what will bring more shocking news.

If you have ever taken advantage of being alone and are silently listing the shocking news you received during your years of living on this earth, hopefully you will understand what I want to convey with this article, which is to share the shocking news of hearing a loved one has passed away or a wonderful friend has cancer or your life partner had a life-changing disease in just one day. A few weeks later, your daughter fell and lost the ability to move. The doctors said she would be going home and require care 24/7.

Both cases were very complicated with both persons in serious condition and becoming immediately disabled from going back to work, but the doctors did not give up and used every known medical strategy in getting them well. You felt heartbroken as you realized your lives were never would be the same again.

When we hear the word “shocking,” most adults understand the concept because of what has happened so quickly as to put us into a shock of disbelief. It is something we could not have predicted, and it is the world we are living in today with so many different changes occurring around us.

When I think of so many lives facing changes, I’d like to share with you about a product I’ve been taking since 2001 called New Life Symbiotics Colostrum, which is the first food of life produced by a nursing mother’s milk for her baby. We are the only mammal who can survive when we do not receive it from our mothers do not nurse us from birth.

The product is available in powder or chewable (flavored tablets for children) form and it goes to the cellular level to improve your immune system. I started taking it in 2001 because I have Chronic Mononucleosis, an autoimmune disease that comes with many other health problems.

In 1998, my son told me that my hands looked like a 98-year-old lady’s. I started to hide mt hands as often as possible because they were very wrinkled. I first read about colostrum when I bought a book about a man who had gone overseas and had brought colostrum back to his very sick wife in the U.S.

The doctors told her there was nothing more they could do for her. She took up to a dozen doses a day because she was desperate to try anything. Within a few months, her health improved, and the news was shocking to all who knew her. The last time I checked, she was the picture of health!

Before I bought the colostrum capsules, I read the book and wrestled with buying the product for more than two years. I finally felt so weak and had hardly any energy, so I gave up all my vitamins and supplements and gave this product a try. I didn’t pay much attention, but three months later, the wrinkles on my hands had unbelievably disappeared and the arthritis knots on my thumbs quit hurting. Now if I forget to order the product and go for a few days without it, the knot on my pinkie finger will swell up and be very red and feel like a bee is stinging it.

I’m a firm believer in this product for many reasons. I started giving it to my granddaughter when she was three days old. She would stay with me as much as she did her mother. Several weeks later, my daughter asked me, “Okay, what are you doing to make her quit crying at night?”

Being afraid of being ridiculed, I shared with her my secret about putting a teaspoon of colostrum in the baby’s bottle at night! My daughter became a believer.

I’m going to let you do the research yourself, but I will share that your skin is your largest organ, and if the product is helping your skin, it is also helping all your organs in your body.

Put Symbiotics Colostrum Powder (21 ounces) and flavored chewable for children in a search engine on your computer. While many sites come up, I go for the least expensive usually on sale and order from that site. I buy the 21-ounce size since it is less costly than the capsules and add it to applesauce or yogurt in the mornings on an empty stomach.

Other companies make this product, but I have stayed with the New Life Symbiotic Colostrum for years and don’t want to change it because it works for my family.

If you try this product, which is a food product and also comes gluten-free, you may be shocked to find it helps your loved ones, too!

Keep smiling, Rosie

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