Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston: Happy birthday, Rachel


By Rosie Preston

My how the time has passed! It seems just a short while ago when you came into this big, beautiful world. As a baby, you always were strong willed, which has worked out in many ways to your advantage, especially to those who know what happened that changed your life four years ago. You’ve been an inspiration to so many during this journey. You’ve been strong enough to pick yourself up and carry on since you were informed of the following after being diagnosed with a disease of the spine: “You will never walk again. You will go home an invalid who will need 24/7 care.”

After receiving that news, I cried a thousand tears, but never in front of my daughter. There were many doctors on Rachel’s case at UAB Hospital in Birmingham who were trying many different ways to get her well. They finally discovered that giving Rachel plasma helped her to be stronger. The outlook looked brighter. The doctors told her that if she became strong enough to stand, they would teach her to walk again. Eventually, the Spine Rehab doctors took her to their side of the hospital, where she learned to walk. I think of it as her graduation back into everyday life.

It was a very special day to see my daughter stand by her bedside. It seems very long ago when Rachel fell in the floor and could not move and could not work a day after that. She truly is a walking miracle.

Rachel has started a small business making wonderful soaps. They are all natural and are great to use on your skin and hair. She makes many different designs and many colors. Once a person has bought their first bar, they often come back for more.

“I have been making organic products for four years, Rachel posted on her Facebook page at Rachel Spurling. “Everything on here is hand-made in small batches, and once you try my products, you will continue buying them. Thank you for supporting my small business.”

Please wish Rachel a happy birthday on her Facebook page. You’ll love her products, of which there are more than I can name in the space! It’s been so long since we were shut down by COVID-19 that we haven’t seen each other very often. Rachel, I’m sending you a smile and a wish for you to have a beautiful day, every day! Love, Momma.

Keep Smiling, Rosie

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