Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston – Here’s a good shock for the system


By Rosie Preston

It is not often I endorse a certain product. However, with the Symbtiotics Colostrum Plus supplement, I do so because I have taken it since 2001.

When I was 43 years old in 1993, I contracted mononucleosis. I owned two daycare centers at the time and could not get well. Eventually, my exhaustion led me to be so weak that my daughter and my friend had to literally carry me to my doctor. The good doctor shook his head and told me nothing that could be prescribed except bed rest and drinking plenty of fluids.

I did as he ordered for a few weeks and went back to work, only to collapse again. This time, my doctor gave me no choice but to quit working and get well or I would damage my heart and my liver.

I had to stay in bed for about four months. I closed my businesses and rented the space. I did not have insurance or a paycheck, so I started visiting The Quality of Life Healthcare in East Gadsden. It did not help to file for Social Security Disability, because at that time mono was not recognized for being serious. So I filed once, then twice, then gave up and slept most of the time, with only a short window of energy each day. I never knew when the symptoms were going to hit me, and anyone who has ever suffered from an illness will recognize the word “crash.”

One day I found a book about a lady in her thirties whose doctors had told her there was nothing they could do to help her and that she would be sick for the rest of her life. Her husband was a traveling salesperson and discovered Symbtiotics Colostrum Plus and how well people were reacting to it, so he brought it home for his wife to try. She was so ill that she took 10 to 12 doses a day. Within six months, she was better and continued to get better. I knew I couldn’t afford this product, but eventually I visited a health food store and bought 60 capsules. I took two a day, and after about six months, I saw my skin starting to look better (there were wrinkles and age spots on my hands that was very embarrassing, with my own son telling me my hands look like an old ladies).

After all these years, I have learned how to buy the product at sale prices on the internet. There are different flavors for children of all ages in a chewable form. I’ve been giving this product to my granddaughter since she was three days old. Her dad couldn’t believe how she slept all night when she was with me and how she cried when she was at his house. I finally confessed what I had been doing, and they joined me!

As to how I feel at the present time, I’ve learned to pace myself. If I do get a sinus infection or overdo it when I have a good energetic day, I always have to take it easy the next day or so. The few times when I ‘ve forgotten to reorder the product and I’m on empty, I always start to feel poorly. One strange way I know when its time is because I have a small arthritic knot on my right pinky. If I don’t take the colostrum (I mix the powder form to save money, as it varies from $70 to $125 or more). The knot will swell and turn red and it feel as if I’m being stung by a bee. That is one way I’ve convinced many family members and friends to try it.

During the dangerous times we are living in, I believe everyone should take this article and find out more about this product. It will be worth it If it can help our loved ones, and I pray it helps you as much as it has helped me during the past several years.

You are welcome to e-mail me at, and I will guide you in any way possible!

Keep smiling, Rosie

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