Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston – “Lasterday” doesn’t seem so far away


By Rosie Preston

Our current Alabama weather is a reminder of once again dealing with climate change. I don’t intend on bragging or saying I’m smarter than anyone else, but I noticed many years ago that the summer season was lasting longer. When I was in grammar school, I wore a sweater each morning. Going home, the sweater was wrapped and tied around my waist.

Every year, the seasons were changing between the spectrum of being cold or cool mornings, and whatever we faced in the evening was unknown territory.

Let me tell you other facts that will amaze you, as I have a triple-digit IQ, which is 007! I know why they have not caught the Sasquatch /Big Foot monster, and I can prove why, right here in this paragraph. If the legend was true, there would be little Big Foots running away, much like  Forrest Gump.

And this may not be appropriate for this newspaper, but it is true. Ask yourself if a bear poops in the woods. If you watch enough television or have ever witnessed a movie being made, you will have noticed that there are cameras in all TV shows and movies.

All those shows that you think are reality are real and getting really rich. I’ve often wondered why so many people I know have turned into this type of idiotic couch potato addict. We are making Hollywood richer and richer.

I’ve yet to watch one of those “ghost in the house” TV shows before I realize that it is some kind of noise a person would make words with blender slurring words: “Aarh,” “hard,” “barh,” “gul,” “boi” and “die,” along with a lot of screaming in the background. The actors often will run away as tables are being picked up and dropped right in front of them. I know I deserve the triple IQ reputation, but as you keep reading this article, you will find out for yourself!

My three-year-old granddaughter uses her word “lasterday” when she begins to tell a story, using a lot of English along with some other words she can’t quite express. I always stop and think about “lasterday.” 

This brings a song to my mind (IQ 008), and then I remember that it was a song made famous by the Beatles. “Lasterday, oh I believe in ‘lasterday. Why she had to go, I don’t know, but I believe in lasterday. Lasterday seems so far away.”

I think you get the picture.

Nowadays when my little granddaughter tells her stories, I listen with all my heart, and we always wind up laughing with her. We had a real moment last week after she had been to the doctor and had surgery on her ear. She told us all about it and didn’t leave out much. She talked about the table, her mommy being there, and most importantly, about the doctor giving her a sticker!

This little bit of knowledge I’ve provided may someday remind you of how closely we listen to our children and not so much to what adults have to say. Adults seem to linger on the most mundane subjects. I think it’s because we’ve lost the beauty and the newness of the present day. But the little ones always see a new world, because every day they point out what is new.

My sweet girl recently took me to my front porch and showed me the moon. As she talked, she asked, “Where is the sun? Is it daytime?”

Children are born innocent, and our world is so much better with them around. It helps us to bring back “lasterday,” because I still believe in “lasterday.” If you don’t have any young ones around to bring you their own natural reality show, find a way to spend time with babies and young children.

Once while I was visiting Anchorage, Alaska, and buying groceries with my son, he asked me why I talked to all the little kids.

“They don’t steal, lie, and cheat,” I replied. “They cry when they are sad or in pain and they laugh and smile when they are happy.”

That is the beauty of “lasterday.”

Keep Smiling, Rosie

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