Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston – One mothers’ wish for Valentine’s Day


By Rosie Preston

The following words seem lame as I try to explain a mother’s love. Because a new mother sets many goals that she may never accomplish, I want you to know that sometimes I was blind and many times I failed. But through the rain and the pain, the love always won year by year. Money could buy a lot of gold and silver, but it could never buy a mother’s love.

As I bring years of memories to mind, you know only a mother would understand and hold all memories dear. I can see you all as you changed with every through the seasons of your lives. A mother has so many roles to play through the years, and it is only now that I realize the sacrifices and love my mother made for me. I love you, my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren! I hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day!

My Child

Love has touched my soul, my child

Forever wishing my arms could hold your smile.

Words seem much too shallow to describe

Feelings of compassion, joy, tears, and pride

That only you can bring, my child.

Yet it is wise as you walk away

To let my tears, hold still and stay

Goodbye, my child.

You were mine only for a little while.

Conflict soars within me, hoping for you

A perfect life, yet knowing inside

The heartaches and disappointments from

Which love nor life can hide.

Wisdom is aging, and often knowledge brings pain.

Let LOVE be your sunshine after the rain.

My prayer is your LOVE will conquer all,

The path of showers your life may call.

Keep Smiling, Rosie Please e-mail me at if you would like to share a story.

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