Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston – The Coronavirus Journals, Part V


By Rosie Preston

Mornings are not the best time of my day. I usually wake up with a sadness in my soul, and it takes me a while to remember where the negative feelings are coming from.
My first thought each morning concerns my mother’s situation and that fact that I have been unable visit her for the past two and a half months. The longer I lie in bed in a silent room where I’m comfortable, the more the sadness grows, and I often have to pray my way out of bed!
I sometimes recite the Serenity Prayer, while other times I think of some old hymns that I love. Either way, just getting up and starting my routine takes the sadness and negative thoughts from my mind. I soon look at the blue sky, my beautiful flower garden and my small cozy home, and I’ve already changed my mind into being thankful for what we do have in this life.
Even though the coronavirus has hurt many people and taken so many lives, proven science should get us through this. Much like my low spiritual mornings, it’s not something we can control. We still seek joy in our daily lives.
The news is spreading the message about the depression people are facing, which I understand very well. The beginning of this article started with my sharing of how much I miss seeing my mother. She is 85, and it’s always on my mind that when the coronavirus hits a nursing home, the results are sad. Many times, I ask myself if I will see my mother again.
I recently was reading some of the poems my mother wrote when she was younger. I hope you can identify with the words from her heart. Hopefully, this poem will touch your heart, as it did mine!

A Land Filled with Despair By Shirley Preston
There is a land known as Despair,
Despair is a destination we sometimes arrive at
Next, is a City known as Defeat.
At times we are strong and
problems are small,
But alone at night, our thoughts 
Conquer all, We dream and we’re great
No one or thing can touch us
Reality exists, for others – not now
Yet, when we arrive at Defeat of Despair
We must remember we can’t live there.
There’s one who can help you
You’re not on your own,
Just remember this when you’re 
Thinking all wrong.
Feeling pity perhaps, or your
Will isn’t strong.
He’ll always help you,
You’re not on your own,
He’s still there, silently
As near as a prayer.

Keep Smiling, Rosie
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