Kids Korner: A Perfect Day With Lavender


Editor’s Note: The staff of The Messenger  believes that the growth and improvement of our society relies on the future thinkers and leaders around us — children. For this reason, The Messenger has created Kids Korner, a weekly opportunity for local children to display their stories and ideas. When a child’s creativity is encouraged, we are gifted a glimpse of what the future might be. If you know of a child who might be interested in submitting stories, email or call our office at 256-547-1049.


By Andi Chupp

Andi still couldn’t believe she finally had her very own horse. A big, beautiful dark bay thoroughbred horse that she named Lavender. Sure, her parents said buying her meant no smartphone and even no car when she turned 16, but Andi was sure Lavender was worth it.

Andi has been taking riding lessons for three years and has practiced on lots of different horses, but there is nothing like riding and practicing on your very own horse. It has taken some time learning Lavender since she was an off-track racing horse. Cassidy, Andi’s trainer, has been teaching Andi to control her runs and doing lots of arena exercise to prepare them for competitions. It has been everything but perfect. Since Lavender was an off-track racing horse, she only knows one speed — full speed like a race car.

Lavender was perfect, so Andi knew that running fast had to be her fault. Andi could feel how fast her heart was beating, and her stomach was a knot of excitement. Lavender knew what was coming and tensed, fidgeting from side to side. Andi moved her hands up on the reins, leaned forward and gave an encouraging command to trot. Andi smiled and held the reins tight as they made a perfect turn around the first barrel. They headed for the second one, and then around the third one and then BAM! That’s when Lavender turns back into a track horse. Running at full speed like a track horse does.

Practice makes perfect and Andi tried again. Trying hard to walk the course to teach Lavender control and that barrels aren’t a track course to run wild in. She didn’t practice at full speed for a while. She had to focus on the technique.

On race day, Andi wanted to show all her friends and family how great Lavender was, so it was hard not to let her go all out at the race. She didn’t go full speed and really watched her form.

In the end, the dynamic duo was victorious. Andi and Lavender placed third in barrels. Andi was so proud of Lavender. Third place or not, it felt like a pretty perfect day.

Andi Chupp is nine years old and will be entering 5th grade at St. James Catholic School this fall. She loves all things horses and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

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