Kids Korner: The Royal Revolution


Editor’s Note: The staff of The Messenger  believes that the growth and improvement of our society relies on the future thinkers and leaders around us — children. For this reason, The Messenger has created Kids Korner, a weekly opportunity for local children to display their stories and ideas. When a child’s creativity is encouraged, we are gifted a glimpse of what the future might be. If you know of a child who might be interested in submitting stories, email or call our office at 256-547-1049.

By Charlotte Bailey and Alley Monroe Holland


Far away, in the land of Magnolia, was a little girl name Rosie. She is very hard to describe. Do you know how I know that? Because it’s me, Rosie! I am 13 years old.

“Twelve!” said her mother.

“And a half,” I mumbled.

Anyway, I am part of a group called the “Royal Rulers” and this is the story of my not so royal revolution.

Everyone loved Queen Magnolia because she seemed like the best queen in history, except me. But when the crowning came, they picked her. I was furious because I always thought she was fishy.

It turns out I was right. Katie, my best friend, told me she was evil and that she wasn’t even the rightful queen. So, one day, we found three more people and made a group. I’m the captain of the group and Katie is the co-captain. Two boys from school are also in the group. They are James and Marty. Me and my gang found out that when it was time to crown Magnolia’s twin sister as queen, Magnolia was jealous. She locked her sister up so she could be the queen instead, but we are going to expose her at her gathering this week.

“We’re here!” I say to my gang. “And perfect timing.”

“Wait!” I shout to the crowd. “Me and my gang know something you don’t! Queen Magnolia is not the rightful queen – her sister is!”

“How did you find out?” asked Queen Magnolia.

“We challenge you to a battle for the kingdom,” we announced.

Then we started training.

One day, we were walking down the street when someone jumped out with a bow and arrow!

He yelled, “Enemy! Attack!”

We started battling immediately. After a long fight, we finally won. Everyone realized that we were right! We gave the chance to be queen to Elizabeth, Magnolia’s sister. She renamed the kingdom the “Land of Roses” (after me). I felt overjoyed.

Alley Monroe Holland is nine years old.   She attends Eura Brown Elementary where she will be entering the fourth grade.   She loves to be creative and enjoys dancing, soccer and art classes in her free time.

Charlotte Bailey is nine years old and will be entering fourth grade at Eura Brown Elementary this fall. She likes to play piano and soccer and does ballet, tap and art. She loves reading and writing and hopes to be a writer when she grows up.

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