Kids Korner: The Summer Bucket List


Editor’s Note: The staff of The Messenger  believes that the growth and improvement of our society relies on the future thinkers and leaders around us — children. For this reason, The Messenger has created Kids Korner, a weekly opportunity for local children to display their stories and ideas. When a child’s creativity is encouraged, we are gifted a glimpse of what the future might be. If you know of a child who might be interested in submitting stories, email or call our office at 256-547-1049.

By Sylvia Bozeman


It was 8, maybe 9 a.m. when my friends and I were playing outside and my friend Bo said, “We should make a summer bucket list!”

We got super excited, so we went inside and got what we needed before we went up to our favorite hangout spot and started thinking. A few minutes later, Bella went inside to get a snack. By the time Bella got back, Bo and I had written two things down. So, we started drawing on each other.

Out of nowhere, Bella’s phone started playing music.

“What was that?” Bella whispered.

“I don’t know, but it sounded like battle music,” I whispered back.

Suddenly, a portal opened, and we all fell into a world where it was always summer!

“Oh no! Where are we? And why is it so bright?” I asked.

Then a girl with a surfboard came out of a revolving door.

“What’s that?” Bo asked.

“It’s a calendar, I guess,” Bella said.

Bella grabbed it and screamed, “Every month is summer!”

I snatched it back and looked around. The girl who’d had the calendar motioned us to follow her. She led us to a hotel and told us where our rooms were, then told us to get changed. We were all very confused, but we found our rooms, changed and met back downstairs afterward.

We found the girl who’d shown us our rooms, and she asked, “Are you ready for your first day on the job?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Didn’t you put ‘Make Money’ on your Summer Bucket List?”

“Um, no, we didn’t! Can we leave now?” Bo asked, kind of annoyed.

“Sure. Sorry about that…” the girl said.

A few minutes later, we were back with the summer bucket list, and I said, “So… No summer bucket list?”

Bo and Bella shook their heads and started talking about how if we didn’t get the same homeroom for school next year, we would all die.

Sylvia Bozeman is a writer, playwright and poet entering the 6th grade at Rainbow Middle School this fall. She is 11 years old. She loves to write and has won awards for her short stories and plays. Her advice to writers everywhere is: “Whenever you think it might get boring, just add a portal.” She lives in Gadsden with her parents, sisters, five dogs, five cats and the family turtle.

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