Kids Korner: The Trip, Part One


By Charlotte Bailey

One day, four friends named Nikki, Rachel, Emma and Casey, were traveling around the globe. When they were on a flight almost over Japan, there was bad air turbulence. The pilot wasn’t very good, but nobody knew that. They thought that everything was going fine.

Then, the pilot said, “Don’t worry everyone, there’s just some terrible turbulence. We are going to be alright.”

That reassured the passengers completely and they kept going on regularly. No one was suspicious, except the four friends.

“Something just doesn’t feel right,” said Nikki.

“Yeah, I don’t trust that guy,” said Emma.

Suddenly, a big wave of bad air turbulence hit the aircraft.

“Whoa,” said Casey. “I wasn’t ready for that!”

“Something definitely is fishy,” said Rachel. “Don’t you guys think so?”

“Totally!” said Nikki, Emma and Casey, in unison.

“We’ll have to pretend that we’re detectives to figure out this mystery!” said Casey.

“This pilot is giving me the creeps,” said Casey.

“Let’s go,” said all the girls.

The girls quietly crept up through the aircraft.

“Wow, first class is amazing!” said Nikki.

“Shush. You’re going to get us caught,” said Casey.”

“All right, all right, I’ll be quiet,” said Nikki. “But isn’t it so cool!”

“Shush,” said the other three girls.

“All right. Let’s go!” said Nikki, quietly.

As they approached the cockpit, bad air turbulence knocked them off their feet. Soon the aircraft touched the ground, but not lightly. The aircraft crashed hard into the ground!

CRASH! Everyone on the plane screamed. The four friends got knocked unconscious.

When the four friends finally woke up, everyone was gone, the broken aircraft was empty and the four friends were all alone, with only each other.

“What happened?” said Emma.

“And where are we?” added Rachel.

“This is crazy,” said Casey.

“Where is everyone?” asked Nikki.

“I’m scared,” said Emma.

“I know, me too,” said Nikki. “And I wonder who that pilot guy was.”

“Guys, guys be quiet. All of our questions can be answered, but first we have to figure out where we are,” said Rachel.

“And what happened,” said Casey.

“Just, please be quiet,” Rachel said. “Where can I have quiet to think?”

“You’re right Rachel,” said Nikki.

“Let’s brainstorm,” said Emma, quite loudly.

“I know where we are,” said Casey.

“You do?” said the other three girls.

“Yeah, I do!” Casey said.

“Where are we then?” said Emma.

“In Japan,” said Casey, matter-of-factly.

The other girl’s eyes almost popped out.

“Oh, no!”

This was not where they were supposed to land.

Will the girls survive and get back home? Or was that their very last trip? Stay tuned for The Trip: Part Two.


Charlotte Bailey is nine years old and will be entering fourth grade at Eura Brown Elementary this fall. She likes to play piano and soccer and does ballet, tap and art. She loves reading and writing and hopes to be a writer when she grows up.

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