Motorcyclass offers instruction, training in riding safely


By Donna Thornton/News Editor

May is National Motorcycle Awareness Month, but everyone needs to be aware of motorcycles on the road, every day.

Sadly, not all motorists are, so its vital that motorcycle riders be as prepared as possible to watch out for themselves on the road.

MotorcyClass – a safety and training class – can help riders stay safer on the streets.

Brian Smith and Brian Boatwright are putting their experience and training as motorcyclists to work to help other riders of all skill levels. 

Smith said courses are available for beginners, intermediate riders and advanced riders. Class size is kept small, the instructors said, and include classroom-type instruction and time on the road – or in this case, on their closed course.

Smith said American Insurance offers a discount on motorcycle coverage for riders who successfully complete the MotorcyClass course, and he and Boatwright are in discussions with other insurance carriers about offering similar discounts.

The beginner class teaches nomenclature and general safety in handling a motorcycle, along with slow speed maneuvers.

For this class, Smith said riders can come in with “zero” experience. People may take the course using their own motorcycle, or for an added fee, can use a MotorcyClass bike.

Because people don’t have to own a motorcycle to take the class, MotorcyClass could be a good way for someone that is considering buying one to get a true picture of riding before making a purchase But more importantly for the instructors, it can help riders be safer on the roads.

“It reduces the chance of injuries,” Smith said. The class includes some avoidance maneuvers and trains riders to ride with their “heads and eyes up,” Smith said.

Intermediate classes are designed for riders with about 1,000 miles of “seat time” on a motorcycle. The class offers additional instruction in slow speed maneuvers, curve negotiation and introduction to braking.

Riders must complete the intermediate class before they can take the advanced class, Smith said. It teaches more slow speed maneuvers, high speed braking and avoidance techniques.

Classes are available for groups or in private sessions. For more information, visit MotorcyClass on Facebook or message to, or call Brian Smith at 256-504-6934 or Brian Boatwright at 256-504-6957.

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