New shoes and not-so-old Faye


By Vicki Scott

Delbert McClinton is one of my husband Alan’s favorite singers. Last Sunday, he popped in one of Delbert’s CD’s on our way to eat lunch after church. The song “I Ain’t Old but I Been Around a Long Time” played, which reminded me of my weekend with Faye Moore.

Faye is one of my co-workers at George Wallace Senior Center, a dear friend and our neighbor.  She is in her eighties but has more energy than any one of my children or grandchildren. I told her last Friday that my husband was going to his brother’s house on Saturday to work on motorcycles and that I needed some shoes. With my unfortunate weight gain, my whole body is in pain, starting with my feet.

Faye had recently found a place in Trussville that fits you for shoes that helps support your feet. She has been singing that store’s praises for a while now as she has enjoyed her new shoes. In desperation, I asked Faye what she was doing on Saturday, and she agreed to take me to this shoe store.

Saturday came around, and it rained. The thunder got my attention and I called Faye to collect her thoughts on traveling in the rain. I hate to drive, so she would be the one driving. Faye said we would play it by ear, and she called her son to see what he thought. She called me back and said her son thought it would be okay. I was still skeptical.

It was Shred Day at the courthouse, and Faye had some papers to shred. Despite the rain, she coerced me into riding with her to get her papers shredded. When we arrived, we found that Shred Day had been cancelled due to the rain.

Faye decided to drive somewhere else. On the way, she expressed comfort in driving, even in rain. I finally said, “Let’s go get me some shoes!” Faye hit the gas, and away we went.

On the way to Trussville, Faye shared history of everything we passed by. I was amazed at how many places and people she knew (we traveled too fast by some of those places). I wanted to savor the history she was sharing. I am a history buff and I just wanted to take it all in. I loved it!

After about an hour we arrived at the shoe place. I bought some shoes and we went to eat. After eating, we went shopping at JC Penney and Belk.

In one of those places, we were at the clearance rack when I noticed the clothes were for a more mature generation. I looked back at Faye and thought, “Faye is not going to like these clothes; they are not her style.”

At that moment, Faye said, “Let’s move on. These clothes are for old…er folks.”

I could not contain my laughter. I cannot pinpoint the cause of my laughter, either the fact that I predicted Faye’s thoughts or the fact that she is in her eighties. She said, “I know I’m old, but not that old.”

The week before, Faye commented on how she was getting old because her back hurt. I reminded her of her saying that and would not let her call herself old. But I felt the need to harass. I asked Faye how old she thought old was, and all I got back was that she was “not that old.” I do not think those style of clothes will ever be Faye’s style. She ain’t old; she’s just been around for a long time.

Thanks, Faye, for coercing me into to getting some shoes. I had an amazing time, and I praise God for you.

Stay safe, y’all!

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